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Introducing Connecticut Lyricist: Chris Webby

by Miracle

Chris-Webby-Bars-On-Me-Cover-High-Res-copy6(Photo By ListenToWebby.Com)

“Bars On Me” (preview)

Bars On Me (listen/download)

While browsing the internet for an interesting news story, ran across an article about an unfamiliar artist. A curiosity was peaked and after doing some researching and hearing some music, decided that this artist needed to be shared with readers. Who is said artist? It’s Chris Webby from the suburbs of Connecticut. He started out rapping around the 5th grade with simple stuff and continued to develop his craft from there. He got into Hip-Hop as it fueled his love of music while at the same time appeasing his rebellious nature. Also, he has a lot of respect for the culture itself. He dropped his first project in 2009 and has been going hard ever since. To date he has about eight works under his belt. Additionally he has: graced the stage with rappers like Lupe Fiasco, hopped on tracks with vets like Method Man, and built a huge following for himself which he has dubbed his “ninjas.” That’s ninja as in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, by the way. Apparently, Webby is quite fond of the classic green characters.

His style is described as a reflection of who Webby is as a person. He tries to keep his topics and sounds diverse while at the same time remaining true to himself. And he definitely wants it to be understood that he is nobody’s gimmick. So one won’t find the themes of violence, drug dealing, etc in his music. He instead sticks to subjects such as: partying, girls, and his own personal experiences. The most impressive thing about Webby though is that he is doing everything as an indie artist with no label backing. His level of success is hard to reach in the indie scene. At the moment, Webby is working on an EP that will set the tone for an album release later on down the line. Readers can hear him speak on that and more by checking out his interview with AllHipHop.com below.

Webby’s most recent offering is a mixtape labeled Bars On Me. It dropped September of last year and was hosted by the infamous DJ Drama. It contains a total of 16 songs and guest appearances from: Method Man, Bun B, and Prodigy, just to name a few. One of The Illixer‘s favorite cuts is the title track, “Bars On Me.” The production is hot. The finespun foundation, eclectic rhythm, peculiar background vocals, and raw vibe make for a ridiculous combination. There is no hook on this one. And it’s actually not needed. Webby’s spitting is so on point that it was a wise decision not to disturb it. His flow is charismatic, his wordplay is cunning, and his rhymes are enterprising. Some noteworthy lines include: “I hope you get the picture, take it on your Kodak. Up in Webby’s world you can not reach me with a road map. To find it you need Adderall, Ambien, and some Prozac. Always cooking fire, someone show me where the stoves at. I keep on dropping heat, all you players grab your cleats. Cause I’m in this game to win it, I won’t settle for defeat. From the suburbs to the streets, I will stand by what I speak.” Fire bars as well as an excellent form of expression coming from Webby right there. Overall, this song is of four star quality and was a great beginning to a dope project. To see Webby in action, peep the official “Bars On Me” video here.

**My Two Cents: I love discovering artists for the first time. Chris Webby is no different. The minute I started playing his mixtape, I was hooked. I wish I had heard of him before now. I’ve been missing out (lbvs). He has a winning style, cool image, and bars for days. I will definitely be in tune with the young rapper and his budding career from here on out. If readers would like to do the same, they can visit Webby’s official site. He also has a merchandise store. -MinM

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