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Qewl Miles – “The Epitome” (Video)

by Miracle

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The Epitome: Redefined Edition (listen/download)

Since the last time Qewl Miles was featured on the site, he has been putting in some major work. He re-released his mixtape, The Epitome. A link to the new version can be found above. Also, he and videographer Philly Fly Boy have stepped up their work together. They created a very snazzy flick for Qewl’s smash club anthem “Pull Over.” And earlier this month they took to the West Coast for the visuals to the tape’s title track, “The Epitome.” See what the end result was after the break.


This video was shot in San Diego, California. The concept for the visuals is pretty apparent. It basically just showcases Qewl Miles immersed in the beautiful city scenery. There are sharp brilliant scenes that take place during the day, where Qewl is doing things like hanging out on a bridge. Then there are other scenes shot as the sun is going down, where Qewl is doing things like cruising around town. The scenes that take place later in the day are enhanced by the fact that they show Qewl’s silhouette instead of his complete person. Additionally, there are some smooth transitions and motion techniques utilized too. The video finishes up with Qewl tossing his hat towards the camera and a fading shot of the sun setting over a body of water. As a whole, this was a fantastic video.

**My Two Cents: This video was great. The location was excellent. Qewl really blended in with the San Diego surroundings pretty nicely. Also, Philly did a perfect job shooting and editing the flick. It was vibrant eye candy for a vibrant track. Mad props to Qewl and Philly for knocking another one out of the park. -MinM

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