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Ryan Serene F/ RobbieBtheName – “Real”

by Miracle

ACVR3sml(Photo By Ryan Serene)

“Real” F/ RobbieBtheName (listen/download)

Shock Therapy (iTunes)

Ryan Serene is an artist who has been in the game since 2002. He is holding it down for the city of Chicago. Having grown up in less than ideal circumstances, Ryan turned to music as a way to cope. He openly expresses his thoughts and feelings about his troubled life in his music; in order to give his supporters a more authentic idea of who he is as a person. Also, he hopes to serve as a positive example  to other people going through hard times. This past Summer, he released a brand new solo album, Shock Therapy. It is available on iTunes. The link has been provided above. At present time, he is pushing a single with fellow rapper and Chicago native RobbieBtheName. The song is called “Real.”

The production here is hot. The hard hitting bass & rhythm, delicate background sounds, and pensive vibe work consummately together. The hook is legit as well. The melodic portion is soothing to the ear. The rapped portion is emotional. The lyrics are genuine. The verses are favorable. Ryan takes the first two parts of the song and Robbie handles the last part. Each artist brings an apparent flow to the table with cutting wordplay and impassioned rhymes. The duo really drive home the themes of enduring through difficulties and intolerance of negative people. Peep as Ryan spits: “I’m a rose in the concrete. All I do is persevere. Fight til my last breath. Only thing real here. Out here starving. So every move’s crucial. Spit the cold truth. That’s the s–t they ain’t used to. Swimming with a shark. I’m out here feasting. (…) Cats catching feelings. So I’m a keeping it moving. See no limitations. The kid got the blueprint.” Powerful way with words being demonstrated in those bars right there. Overall, this song is a hit and was a nice introduction to Ryan’s music.

**My Two Cents: Everything about this track was on point. Both the production and content were superior. Ryan and Robbie really stepped up to the plate on this one. Chicago should be proud. To learn more about Ryan Serene and stay up to date on his music, readers can find him on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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