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Philly Anderson F/ Mad Static – “STFU”

by Miracle

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“STFU” F/ Mad Static (listen/download)

Not too long ago, Philly Anderson linked up with his partner Mad Static (Higher Education Records) for a very outspoken record called, “STFU.” The production here is optimum. It is composed of a buoyant core, light Jazz style musical elements, and a carefree vibe. The hook is four star quality. The delivery is clear-cut. The lyrics are bold yet splendidly put together. The verses are impeccable. Philly goes in first and Static polishes things off. Both emcees serve up level flows, cunning wordplay, and ingenious rhymes. They speak very freely about being seriously fed up with a certain kind of individual. Some lines to take note of are: “Never judge a book by the cover. So start reading if you can stupid mothaf–kers. If I’m nobody to you then why talk about it? Putting news on me that never existed. Let it go homie. It’s scaring me. Y’all more lamer than Brian Pumper’s reality.” Fluent spitting by Philly in those bars. Overall, this was a high-grade track with a necessary message.

**My Two Cents: I really enjoyed everything about this song. The production was attractive and the content was of A-1 quality. Philly and Static really handled their business on this one. Major salute to them. Readers can get more with Philly Anderson on Sound Cloud and Mad Static can be found on Facebook. -MinM

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