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Priorities In 2014: Video Games or Career Advancement (Editorial)

by Miracle


WARNING: The following editorial is written from the view point of the journalist and his opinion. Those who are easily offended by common sense, logic, intelligence, or just mainly practice douchebaggery; it is highly advised that you do not continue reading as there is a great chance that you will be offended by your worst enemy. An intelligent, experienced opinion.

We are not even one month, one full month into 2014 and the same behavior is repeating itself. Facebook statuses, tweets, and updates all saying the same shit: “This is my year,” “Just wait and see 2014 – I’m coming.” Various forms of this short sentence fills my news feed and the feed of others in positions to help excel the careers of up and coming artists. At the exact same time, I see the follow up feeds to these people’s posts. They usually brag of some new sexual conquest, or the regional sports teams sportsing their way to another victory, or my personal favorite – the completion of an achievement in a video game. Now, I would like to draw your attention to the image at the top.

That is a screen shot taken from my news feed of local Alternative Hip-Hop artist David Kelly from the group Amerikas Addiction. Over the course of 2013 they have filmed many videos, hosted events around the city, and most importantly marketed AND promoted their music through the proper channels. Why is this important you ask? Well, because to elevate your career you have to make sacrifices. IN ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE! I feel like a corrupted MP3 file, constantly repeating myself but it seems that those who want to hear are listening while the sheep wish to remain local celebrities.

I am honored to have worked with some of the most talented artists to walk this planet and not all have achieved “mainstream” success. Some have toured globally, some have toured the country while a few remain regional acts. But you know what, no matter the level of exposure they have achieved, they are all success stories. And they got to that level of happiness by making those sacrifices. Returning gifts for cash value. Staying home with a $12 bottle of booze instead of popping bottles in the club. Asking a friend to come smoke a blunt or a couple bowls with you instead of buying a zone of some fire ass weed. The point is that your level of success depends on how much you are willing to give up for the future of your own career because when it comes down to it, you succeed and fail based only on your own merits. The burden is yours to carry. So if you make the choice to align your priorities with recreation and child like behavior instead of focusing on expanding your career to its limits, do not be surprised if those who once had your back, no longer do.

Now bear in mind that this is not a loyalty issue, this is simply a matter of business. How can an established professional be expected to work with people who care more for their leisure time then making the necessary sacrifices to become a success? Later this quarter I will be sitting down with AA and talking about many subjects revolving around their career. If you have any questions please email them to biggz@theillixer.com and have a great January. ~Biggz

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