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First off, I would like to state that this post is directly aimed at the last post in the Illuminati Roundtable section. Secondly, I would like to state that I am Native American, Scots-Irish, and Polish. So a White guy dominated the Best “Rap” category at the Grammy’s this year. Best song, performance, and album. Now we got the world of Hip-Hop all up in arms because a White man sits on the throne as the Best Rap artist in the country. So many statuses and articles, including the one I am addressing with this, are all up in arms about a White boy from Seattle bringing home the gramophones. Oh boo hoo, Kendrick Lamar should have won, Drake is more real, Jay- Z owned….Ummmm am I the only one who remembers back in the Hard-Knock Life days when Dash and Jay boycotted the Grammys for the same reasons they are now complaining about, when Hip-Hop was about community first, then profit?


Many artists fail to live up to their full potential. Much of this occurs by their own fault, well lack of knowledge really. And yes, we can go back and forth all day about education and ignorance and glass ceilings but we have plenty of time for that down the road. Today we will be discussing the most basic of concepts, promotion vs. marketing.



WARNING: The following editorial is written from the view point of the journalist and his opinion. Those who are easily offended by common sense, logic, intelligence, or just mainly practice douchebaggery; it is highly advised that you do not continue reading as there is a great chance that you will be offended by your worst enemy. An intelligent, experienced opinion.

We are not even one month, one full month into 2014 and the same behavior is repeating itself. Facebook statuses, tweets, and updates all saying the same shit: “This is my year,” “Just wait and see 2014 – I’m coming.” Various forms of this short sentence fills my news feed and the feed of others in positions to help excel the careers of up and coming artists. At the exact same time, I see the follow up feeds to these people’s posts. They usually brag of some new sexual conquest, or the regional sports teams sportsing their way to another victory, or my personal favorite – the completion of an achievement in a video game. Now, I would like to draw your attention to the image at the top.


**Special Note: Recently I contacted an old writing partner of mine from back in the day. I asked for an article for the site as a way to see how our readers responded to the opinion. In the comments below please let us know what you think and if we should keep this new journalist around. Thank you. ~Biggz

Hello, first off I would like to introduce myself. I am the Hooded Hoodlum, you will never see my face and I speak for the unspoken. The down harden folks with common sense that face-palm at the sheer thought of ignorance rising and common sense falling. Information is my weapon, education is my style, and with that being said, let us begin.

A lot of artists are confused as to what it exactly means to be a touring or tour worthy artist. First off, you need to have a product to sell. Otherwise what’s the point? So first we look at the music, and the basic questions that need to be answered. “Do I have a copyrighted, trademarked, protected album that I can sell at tour stops?” “Am I a trademarked brand and able to receive royalties from spins?” “Is my music mixed and mastered down to industry standards?”And finally “Do I have radio edits that can be spun during potential interviews at tour stops?” Once you have a solid yes to these questions you have step one completed on your ‘getting ready to tour checklist.’ And fyi that includes filing for a LLC.


As the years move on and we enter fully into the world of social media, many basic human elements seem to be being deleted from our society. Honor, professionalism, and respect have now gone the way of Betamax and VHS tapes. Fewer and fewer people have actually been able to retain these vanishing traits as we enter this modern society. Those that lack these qualities that were once valued higher than money are those you see leaving events after they perform, showing up late, and even going so far as to storm off stage in the middle of their sets. Unfortunately these occur on a nightly basis in many cities across the country. And nobody is willing to address them out of fear that these ratchet ass people will slander and taint the name of the few good people left in this industry with a true love for art that has been blended in with a business mindset.