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Cherele F/ Ellz – “Raised By Wolves”

by Miracle

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“Raised By Wolves” F/ Ellz (preview)

Last October the site got introduced to a collective called Pay Up Game courtesy of member André DeSaint. Recently the group reached out again to present a collaboration from two more members Cherele and Ellz. The track is entitled “Raised By Wolves” and it features The Silence Killers (TSK) on the production tip once again. The production here is outstanding. The low lying foundation, drawn out theatrical components, labored tempo, and hard-nosed vibe pool together triumphantly. The hook is smashing too. The delivery is savvy and the lyrics are crack. The verses are smoking. Cherele slaughters the first and third verse of the song and Ellz murders the second verse. Both artists come with assertive flows, primed wordplay, and high-class rhymes. They flawlessly represent the animalistic nature of the record. An example of a couple of lines worth digesting by Cherele include: “Generation full of lost addicts. Bet I leave a mark like it’s tatted. I’m a 70’s psychedelic. Burning all my f–king relics. Triple sign but still angelic.” While an example from Ellz would be: “F–k it. I’m in the middle of a rumble. In the concrete jungle with police around my bundle. Taught me when you get the money my n—a you gotta stay humble.” One has to appreciate the abstract raw images being painted in those bars right there. Overall, this selection is a winner.

**My Two Cents: Cherele and Ellz went hard on this track. Not to mention that the beat is ridiculous too. I was hooked from the moment I pressed play. The Pay Up Game team is sitting on a lot of serious talent down there in Florida. I will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears on their movement. So stay tuned for future posts and be sure to explore some of those links. -MinM

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