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André DeSaint F/ Curtis Williams – “Triple Six”

by Miracle

TripleSixMain(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Triple Six” F/ Curtis Williams

André DeSaint is an artist out of the great state of Florida. He represents the Pay Up Game collective and is currently working on a new project called Old Dreams//New Themes. To introduce himself to the site, he sent over the offering’s lead single “Triple Six.” It features Curtis Williams (of Two9) and was produced by The Silence Killers. TSK worked the boards exceptionally well. The production here is flame. It is made up of: a sick bass, savory hood musical elements, an edgy rhythm, and a sinister vibe. The hook is ill too. It is actually a sample from Three 6 Mafia‘s song “No I’m Not Dat N—a.” It was ideally placed and fit the nature of the track just so. The verses are capital. André DeSaint slays the first part of the track and Curtis Williams provides an equally premium follow up on the second part. The duo utilize abrasive flows, firm wordplay, and unerring rhymes. They create crystal clear images of themselves. Some citable lines from André are: “No I’m not you n—as. And I give thanks to the most high. Bunch of women with us. You the only thing that they won’t try. Doing this with no co-sign. The f–k you mean I ain’t got this? I’m in top tip. N—a watch this. When I drop this. Start a mosh pit. B—h n—as I am not with. (…) Stampede is my damn creed. Gotta watch who my hands feed. Ain’t much to be scared of. I bleed just like that man bleed.” Banging bars being laid down right there for the first verse. Overall, this song is a scorcher.

**My Two Cents: André DeSaint is a very talented individual. He and Curtis Williams wrecked this record. I was feeling everything they came with from start to finish. The production was off the chain too. TSK really outdid themselves. This is probably one of the best debuts on the site so far. I’m very pleased that I got the chance to share this with readers. Mad props to the Pay Up Game team. Be sure to visit those links in the post. -MinM

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