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Pizzle F/ Gliss – “Kolor Blind”

by Miracle

KBFinal_zpsda381aea(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Kolor Blind” F/ Gliss (preview)

Milwaukee fan favorite Pizzle served up a new single for his supporters approximately two weeks ago. It’s labeled “Kolor Blind” and features Philadelphia artist Gliss. It was produced by RMB Justize and serves as a part of Pizzle’s efforts to be consistent in keeping his followers with fresh quality material. He feels that if he is to maintain his position and continue to move up within the ranks of the music world, that there is a certain standard that he has to meet. And he is all too willing to accept that challenge.

The production here is sophisticated. The steadfast foundation, docile musical components, gradual tempo, and sapid vibe make for a prosperous combination. There is no hook included on this cut. Pizzle nails the first half of the track. Then Gliss slides through next and properly lays down his portion. Both artists manifest their own patented flows, sublime wordplay, and immense rhymes. They convey a message of tenacity as they speak on successfully rising up out of dire circumstances. Some striking lines from Pizzle are: “I see these n—as looking disappointed. I just do what my head tells me. And n—a you ain’t flipped yo coin yet. We trying to get over the hill. (…) We out here. And these ho n—as dormant. Slept in my Cutlass until I made enough cake to move in that one bed. Cause when I told my grandma I was homeless she didn’t say nothing. So I was like enough said. Too much pride. No homo though. Need my share, pro bono.” That’s a troublesome yet common situation being depicted in those bars. Overall, this is a choice authentic record.

**My Two Cents: Due to the fact that Milwaukee is currently seeing an abundance of violence and murder throughout the city, I think Pizzle released this song at the perfect time. It was aptly crafted and contains significant meaning. Also, Pizzle & Gliss complimented each other well. The collab went off without a hitch. And the production was righteous too. RMB Justize provided a sleek backdrop to this tale of perseverance. As a whole, I’d say Pizzle is doing just fine in meeting that challenge mentioned at the start of the post. -MinM

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