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Keeqs – “Winter Wives”

by Miracle

artworks-000064913471-9s2b2t-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

 “Winter Wives” (listen/download)

After a successful site debut, West Coast artist Keeqs and his team decided to send over another single that ties in perfectly to the Winter season.  The production here is polished. The even bass heavy foundation, packed background details, creeping pace, and strict vibe make for a cohesive mixture. The hook is standard. The delivery is fetching and the lyrics are forthright. The verses are entertaining. Keeqs serves up a marked flow, cutting wordplay, and unfiltered rhymes. He holds nothing back as he shares his perspective on what is known as the infamous “cuffing season.” Some lines to be aware of are: “It’s about that time of the season, for n—as to cuff for no reason. Thirstiness all that I’m seeing. But that’s not the s–t I believe in. Yeah I get it man it’s damn near Christmas. B—h wanna get on my gift list. Girl told me she wanna cuddle. But if I’m a cuddle that’s coming with interest. (…) Cause Spring come around and these b—hes get kicked to the curb and be wondering what happened. You in yo feelings and lonely. Now you accepting what’s phony. I feel like I just gave a sermon. This real s–t don’t come cheap so all you hoes owe me!” Keeqs kept it all the way live in those bars right there. Overall, this another winner from the Cali native.

**My Two Cents: I loved this song. It was amusing and real at the same time. The production was pretty boss too. Keeqs held it down from start to finish for sure. If you agree, make it a point to visit the provided link in the beginning of the post. The New Old School is on the horizon and I’m sure people don’t want to miss it. -MinM

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