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Philly Anderson – “Purple Space”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Purple Space” (preview)

Philly Anderson is a talented producer behind several hit tracks by local favorites such as Higher Education Records’ own Mad Static. However, last month he shared a song that is going to be on his own upcoming project. The project is an EP dubbed Meditation In London (I love that title!). The track is called “Purple Space” and was produced by Philly himself. He did a wonderful job taking on the dual roles. The production here is super sleek. It is made up of eccentric background elements, a slow pace, and a mellow vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery has a melodious tone to it and the lyrics are uncomplicated. The verses are suitable. Philly exhibits a crisp clean flow, solid wordplay, and diverse rhymes. He communicates a variety of different thoughts and ideas in a very introspective fashion. He comes across more like he’s just thinking out loud and not so much recording a song. It’s a very engrossing approach. Some lines that really catch the ear include: “As I fade away til you see the light of my aura. In darkness like it’s a vat of oil. See glowing stars and lilac mist. Where the strength of your mind increases. Never believed in death in my mind. Cause how could you kill something that never dies?” There is a strong spoken word style present within those bars. Overall, this track is on point. It has unusual content and production but still retains a certain sense of appeal.

**My Two Cents: This was a great offering from Philly. There is nothing else out right now like it. He really went outside of the box for this one. But that is an excellent thing. It’s something different that truly stands out and provides a break from the over-saturated world of mainstream/typical Hip-Hop. Mad props to Mr. Anderson for being such a creative soul on and off the mic. -MinM

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