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J-$crilla F/ Uptown XO & K-Beta – “On The Reels (Open Handed Mix)”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“On The Reels (Open Handed Mix)” F/ Uptown XO & K-Beta (preview)

J-$crilla is a well known producer based out of the DMV area. He is also a part of Inner Loop Media Group. He is preparing to drop an album entitled Reel High sometime this Fall. To promote the upcoming project he released a song featuring two fellow DMV talents: Uptown XO & K-Beta. The track is called “On The Reels (Open Handed Mix).” The production here is well-grounded. It is comprised of a light bass, subtle background sounds, and a street vibe. The hook is polished. It features a sample from veteran rapper Nas which contains a rugged delivery and easy lyrics. The verses are worthy. XO gets it in on the first verse and K-Beta wrecks shop on the second. Both artists present harsh flows, intense wordplay, and hood rhymes. Each places their tough guy persona on full display while at the same time exercising their lyrical prowess. Overall, this is a copacetic offering with a very strong East Coast flavor to it.

**My Two Cents: I think this track turned out well. The production was a hit and both XO and K-Beta came with some quality material.  If this serves as a sample of what Reel High has in store, it’s going to be a noble album. Readers can learn more about J-$crilla here. -MinM

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