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NFMY – The Moment (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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The Moment (listen/download)

Guest Pen Author: Rustik

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NFMY is an up-and-coming talent making noise in the Hip-Hop scene all the way from Racine, WI. He has been active in the game since 2001. He began his Hip-Hop venture via writing and progressed into recording by 2005. He is a part of the Elevated Entertainment company and also operates as part of a group. The group is known as (M)usic (G)enius (M)inds aka MGM. Other members include fellow rappers BlitZ and $ Man 7. Midway through the year, NFMY released a brand new mixtape titled The Moment. It consists of 15 total tracks and includes a host of features by acts such as Boys Like Britain. Find out what new Guest Pen Author Rustik had to say about the project after the jump.

“Best Thing Yet” F/ Chino & Camero

Well, right off the bat I’m a fan of the sample. The way the beat works this early 80’s Anita Baker song gives me a feeling similar to when I first heard AZ‘s “A.W.O.L.” Which makes sense, as AZ is an early inspiration to NFMY’s craft. The flow of the song also seems to bring me back to that period, basically the culmination of NFMY’s influences and the spirit of underground Hip-Hop that came from it. The first verse kicks off with NFMY spitting some multi-syllable flows and extended rhymes that finish with a prior rhyme, which gives it a “slick” presentation. Some lines that caught me were: “Now to see my name with the stars where the movies go. I end careers, you should act, get a movie role. Slick, get your wig pushed back like Coolio.” I dig the raspy “Yea” adlib on the sample hook after the first verse. Chino takes over the second verse with an upbeat delivery, which gives it a nice contrast to the first verse. The flow is smooth and it gives you a fun feeling, especially with lines like: “Choke hold these homo’s … PAUSE!” and using the sample to finish the rhyme. Camero finishes it off by bringing back a more backpack feel, taking a more personal approach to the flow. This verse isn’t even really about the lines, more so emcee style points. This track is basically the studio version of a cypher. Three emcees’ showing their skill with a sample based hook.

“Murda Bidnezz” F/ Boys Like Britain

Okay, beats dope. Also, it should be noted that the beat is a sample of female rapper Iggy Azalea‘s track by the same name. Simple yet tells you how to move. Hook comes off lazy, which is actually perfect for the feel of the beat. BLB’s voice gives a good touch to the not give a f–k feel. NFMY goes off with the style on this track, riding the beat just like it was supposed to be done. Good partnership with the bass and heavy synths on this one. Hook kicks back in very comfortably. BLB’s verse shoots in. Something needs emphasis here. Dubs, adlibs … something. The second half of the verse is stylish, but I’d rather hear it filled out. Every time I was listening to this track and thinking, “Shirt Up” would play for awhile. And even if it isn’t one of the songs I’m reviewing, that s–t is hot too.


Dig how the sample was chopped up here. I’m a fan of beat-makers using very recent samples. Adele pulls off that slow soulful sound, so why the hell not speed it up. Works well with the kit too. I like the voice used here. Obviously the message is general, representing Racine and NFMY but still something anyone anywhere can relate to. Funny thing, I’m again getting that AZ feel. Maybe I was pre-influenced, but I’m getting a “Fan Mail” feeling.

“Black Angel”

I dig the experimentation on this. The hook is stylish. Really digging the dark vibe on this. The arrangement is decent. I like the contrast on the voices in the verses.

**Rustik’s Final Thoughts: Overall, this tape is worth a listen or two. I can appreciate that NFMY went out of his way to hit as many moods as possible. You can tell he tried to spread the tracks out so that there’s one for every situation. You got some hype joints, some cool out joints, some cuffing joints. He went to run the whole gambit. There’s tracks that need polishing and all that. But there’s definitely a few winners on here. PS, I loved the sample at the end of “Certified.” -Rustik

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