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News: Jadakiss & Styles P Bring Healthy Options To The Hood

by Miracle

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Veteran artists Jadakiss and Styles P have been making a major buzz this week. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with new music or projects. Instead, the duo have been receiving notice for their efforts to improve the health conditions of those in low income neighborhoods.

The fellas opened up a juice bar back in 2014 in their old Yonkers stomping grounds. The establishment is smartly titled Juices For Life. They felt like the venture was necessary to combat the lack of nutritional options available to individuals who live in poorer surroundings. They believe the absence of healthier food & drink choices are what contributes to the diet/health issues of the residents in poverty stricken areas. They reflect on growing up with junk food and fast food as their main sources of nourishment. But state that as they got older, they began to realize how bad their eating habits were and the benefits to switching things up.

Styles P believes changing one’s eating habits improves aspects of life beyond just the physical as well. The guys hope that the people will open up their minds to the purpose behind the juice bars and take advantage of having the healthy alternatives so close to home. Juices For Life has received nothing but rave reviews online thus far. The rappers currently have a total of three locations between Yonkers and the Bronx. They are hoping to expand and open up more locations in the near future. Elite Daily did a short visual piece with the rappers pertaining to the juice bar that puts everything into perspective quite nicely. Check it out above.

**My Two Cents: I’ve always had love for Jadakiss. And learning about this made me respect him even more. Gotta give it up to Styles P as well. I heard he’s been into the juice business for a while now. I think it’s great that these guys are using their status and coinage for something so positive. I hope that they continue to see success and that others are inspired to follow their lead. Drink up peeps! -MinM

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