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Sean Smart – “Rolling Stoned”

by Miracle

E427B0D7-0404-4203-8279-84D363EB78A9(Photo By Michael Wessel / Graphics by Sean Smart)

Sean Smart is not wasting any time between releases. He has already unleashed the second single off of his upcoming self-titled project. It’s coined “Rolling Stoned” and it comes with a dope 360 Promo Video which can be viewed at the end of this review. “Rolling Stoned” is produced by Original Vision and it once again premiered on DJBooth.net earlier in the week.

The production here is enchanting. The subdued foundation, atmospheric musical ingredients, melodious tempo, and breezy vibe come together splendidly. The hook is favorable. The delivery stands out and the lyrics are straight to the point. The verses are first-rate. Sean Smart utilizes an unique flow, clever wordplay, and thematic rhymes. He dutifully pays homage to the age old pastime of sparking one up. A handful of lines worth observing are: “One hand in the air with a blunt lit. Two hands in the air for this cup lit. Three cheers for the pretty mamacitas up in here getting weird. Still dancing past sunset. Cause you know we all love it. The vibe that we feeling is telling me something. It’s telling me something. The vibe that we feeling is telling me something, And I ain’t worried about nothing.” One has to appreciate the smoothness of that opening right there. Overall, this is a refreshing take on creating a smoker’s anthem.

**My Two Cents: I’m not a smoker but I love the zoned out nature of this cut. The beat is so pleasant to listen to and the content blends right in with the mellowness of the instrumental. Also, I admire the fact that Sean didn’t get too crazy with the lyrics but he didn’t totally dumb it down either. He found the perfect balance to keep things appealing for music snobs of all kinds (lol). Not everyone can do that. This is definitely another win for Mr. Smart. And the 360 Promo Video is pretty neat too. Don’t forget to check it out along with the single. -MinM

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