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News: Fredro Starr & Keith Murray Set To Battle This September

by Miracle

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As of late the element of Hip-Hop culture known as battle rapping has been receiving quite a bit of spotlight. Leagues are popping up all over the place, like Eminem‘s Total Slaughter for example. There are several events in the works throughout the various organizations and each one is pulling out all the stops to lure in supporters and funds.

Amongst said companies is MC War. Their power move is a venture called “Super Star Battles.” The endeavor entails well known names in the Hip-Hop game going head to head. The first battle will feature none other than Keith Murray (Def Squad) against Fredro Starr (Onyx). Both are well respected veterans in the industry and no strangers to a little conflict. The showdown will take place on September 28 in Stone Mountain, Georgia via an event called New World Order II. The venue for the festivity will be The Atrium, one of Atlanta’s most popular spaces. The battle will consist of a total of three rounds. Each rapper will get to spit two verses that are 16 bars in length over a beat. They will compete back to back, resembling the set up of them being in the booth creating a track together. Very brief breaks will be allowed in between. Also, everybody must keep a cool head and play nice. Any type of physical contact is grounds for an immediate disqualification. Keith Murray is expected to come with crazy metaphors and an extensive vocabulary. While Fredro Starr on the other hand is expected to serve up hostile lyrics and his signature lively demeanor. A press conference will be held next week where the two artists will appear together one time only to discuss the battle in depth. This is expected to be a historical ordeal in more ways than one. There will also be “Street Certified” and “Underground” brackets on the event card. Tickets for the big night can be purchased here. A trailer for the spectacular can be viewed above.

**My Two Cents: I have never been big on rap battles but I am here for this one. I used to be a huge Fredro Starr fan and have a lot of respect for what Keith Murray brings to the table. This announcement has gotten mixed reactions but I can see this being one that us older genuine Hip-Hop heads will be able to appreciate if nothing else. I hope this is made available online in some fashion so that I can check it out. Team Fredro all day (lol). Who you got? Leave a line in the comments section and let me know. -MinM

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