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Maryann – “SOULM8S”

by Miracle

MaryannSoulm8sCover(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

Though she just dropped her sophomore work earlier this Summer, California sensation Maryann has already got the ball rolling for her third project. It doesn’t have a title yet but she’s currently shaping and molding the sound. Her first sample of what the album will entail comes about via a single labeled “SOULM8S.” The song is chocked full of meaning in more ways than one. Starting with the title. The stylizing is a combination of the names of Maryann and producer N8 The Gr8. They’ve been working together for some time now and feel like their partnership is one of fate. Also, SOULM8S happens to be the name of their writing/production team. It’s a clever play on the phrase. The rest of the significance lies within the song itself.

The production here is versatile. The misty structure, off-kilter secondary components, lingering tempo, and slackened vibe result in a golden fusion. The hook is a treasure. The vocals are sophisticated and the lyrics are cherishable. The verses are gracious. Maryann supplies flavorful vocals and infatuated lyrics. She dishes on the experience of being under the spell of that one true love. In keeping with the metaphorical theme of the record, the love she is referencing is both in a romantic sense as well as a musical sense. A sprinkling of lines worth recalling include: “Every song I sing it seems to be about you. I don’t want to sing if I can’t sing about you. (…) Every note, every key, that’s chose your playing with the parts of me. And every drop, your playing with the parts of me.” There is some strong symbolism within those words right there. Overall, this is an artistic effort.

**My Two Cents: Maryann and her Bedroomtrap style have really come to grow on me. I liked this record a lot. The production was entrancing and the content was intriguing. The different explorations of the term “soul mate” was a pretty fresh concept. Can’t wait to hear what else she has up her sleeve for her third LP.  Be sure to keep up with her by following her on Twitter via the provided link. -MinM

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