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RayClev – “The Presence Of Mind”

by Miracle

artworks-000085615386-vhggoy-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

RayClev of Divine Atoms is back with a new single in rotation. This one differs quite a bit from his first appearance on the site which can be revisited here. The effort is called “The Presence Of Mind” and was produced by Poland talent Kogutt. Los Angeles meets Poland, that’s a way cool collaboration. See how the global connection turned out after the break.

The production here is kempt. The drum heavy base, traditional musical characteristics, down to earth tempo, and evenhanded vibe fit snugly together. There is no hook to be found on this record. It plays out at just slightly over a minute as it is meant to be just a little something to tide fans over as RayClev wraps up a few upcoming projects. The unlimited rhyming is first-rate. RayClev serves up an accomplished flow, experienced wordplay, and prestigious rhymes. He exercises his lyrical stamina in an exalted fashion. A couple of paramount lines include: “No we don’t compare in rhyme. (…) yo shifting paradigm. You come with bum raps then no I can’t spare a dime. King of Hip-Hop please. I see a fake crown. But this the age of false praises and breaks now. But I’m geared up. Get ready for the shake down with lines the Tetris champion couldn’t break down. Wait now, y’all done got me on some otherness. Bars hitting harder by the second, thunderous. Perpetual and timely like a sonic boom.” That is some intricate spitting taking place via those words right there. As a whole, this is a top notch modicum.

**My Two Cents: RayClev delivered once again. Kogutt gave him a simple yet superb beat to work with and he just ran with it. His contribution was fitting as well as smartly packaged. The Divine Atoms crew has been killing it as of late. Looking forward to the next gem to drop from the collective. -MinM

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