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J.D. The Chief F/ Cezar & Kia Rap Princess – “Count It Up”

by Miracle

10511146_1441412769464548_3193902438374215168_n(Photo By Trill GFX)

After officially going solo and having to navigate a whirlwind of drama in the process, Milwaukee based artist J.D. The Chief has finally gotten back to rocking the mic in a way that only he can. He decided to signify the beginning of his new path in a radical way. He released a major collaboration track last weekend with fellow 414 heavy hitters, Cezar (CCM) and Kia Rap Princess (Blaqlizt Music Entertainment). The trio ripped up a production provided by JBreezz Beatz and dubbed the end result “Count It Up.”

The production here is ample. The booming bass, murky background ingredients, systematic rhythm, and perilous vibe fit readily together. The hook is proficient. The delivery is seasoned and the lyrics are contagious. The verses are auspicious. J.D. The Chief steers with the first verse, Cezar raises the grade on the second verse, and Kia Rap Princess puts the final nail in the coffin on the third. All three artists wield customized flows, originative wordplay, and well-conditioned rhymes. They pen a very becoming tribute to the almighty dollar. Some outstanding lines from J.D. The Chief are: “Money man, want it like I’m Uncle Sam. Give me a month, I’ll move a hundred grand through the money gram. Or only, cash in hand. No credit or debit scams. Exempt myself from my taxes. So it’s paper over plastic. I ain’t staying in brackets. I’d rather break through all those. Whether it’s music or my guala, my wallet don’t ever close. I know I could invest in some stocks and watch it all grow. Or plant me a dollar tree. I ain’t talking about the store.” One has to feel the astuteness in those bars right there. Overall, this is a legit hood smash.

**My Two Cents: I was super excited when I found out that J.D. The Chief was finally dropping some fresh solo work. I was elated to later discover that said work was a collaboration with two of my other favorite Milwaukee music scene artists, Cezar and KRP. The trio came together and honorably met the high standard set by the reputations that they have in the game. I am looking forward to seeing how things develop for J.D. on the solo front and I hope that this is just one of many more mergers to come from the three artists in the future. -MinM

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