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Mr. Fritz – The Glory (Album Review)

by Miracle

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“Feeling You” (previous review)

After keeping his supporters on their toes with anticipation, Boston artist Mr. Fritz finally set forth his first official studio album The Glory not too long ago. The collective consists of 12 total tracks along with a couple of bonus records for good measure. Previously reviewed smash hit single “Feeling You,” happens to be amongst said tunes. The project is described as Fritz’s journey from youth to adulthood and all of the ups & downs that came along with it. Click the jump to find out how The Illixer gels to the rapper’s life story.

“The Glory”

 This is the title track of the LP. The instrumental is a product of Its Good Beats. The production here is worthwhile. The low pressure base, eclectic supporting details, relaxed tempo, and neutral vibe result in a pleasing mixture. The hook is commendable. The delivery is emphatic and the lyrics are captivating. The verses are kosher. Mr. Fritz serves up a trademark flow, detailed wordplay, and gripping rhymes. He does a premium job of sharing his struggle to stay on the right path and fight the temptation to do wrong. He spits: “Friends sold trey 5s, I would salt shake fries. Had to save for them new AIs … hard times. Got my first pair while everyone was rocking their third. I thought this 9 to 5 s–t for the birds. They like ‘Gimme the word, I’ll put you on’ but I had many concerns. Had to shine, so you know I had plenty to learn. But I never got the chance to make the devil dance. Police knocked ’em off before I touched that tartar sauce.” Those are some deep-seated bars right there. Overall, this is a mint offering.
“Girl Next Door”
King Poetic of Crook Firm is the individual behind the boards on this one. The production here is legitimate. The level foundation, sophisticated background elements, mellow pace, and expressive vibe are expertly put together. The hook is fresh. The sample is well suited for the track. The original delivery is clean and the original lyrics are to the point. The verses are enjoyable. Mr. Fritz presents a down to earth flow, endearing wordplay, and sincere rhymes. He paints a vivid and doting picture of a special lady in his life. A highlight from his reflecting includes: “Used to crack jokes on each other like you one of the bros. Now our relationship is different now that both of us grown. Be the first one that you call when you got s–t on your mind. And I be at ya crib daily when I need to recline. And your mom, she like my mother and she love me the same. Only other woman calls me by my government name. Every woman that I bag you say if you don’t like. And if a n—a hurt you, I say it’s gone be alright.” One has to appreciate the heart within those lines right there. All in all, this is a refreshing track as well as a site favorite.
“The Jump” F/ Tim Nihan
This is one of the aforementioned bonus cuts on the project. It is produced by Taz Taylor. The production here is of a four star quality. The gently booming infrastructure, sleek secondary ingredients, unhurried gait, and glossy vibe are seriously winning. The hook is dope too. The delivery is creative and the lyrics are trill. The verses are authentic. Mr. Fritz utilizes a charismatic flow, savvy wordplay, and gritty urban rhymes. He gives the listener the perfect ‘day ones only’ type of anthem. A handful of rewind worthy lines are: “When you out here grinding … n—as tend to hate you. Earned my s–t the hard way that’s why I can’t relate to those who weren’t there from day one, can’t even f–k with day two. And I ain’t got no cape on. Don’t be thinking I’ll save you. Only rocking with the motherf—ers that I know on a first name basis. Never smiling with their hand out. N—as put your hands down, n—a cause I know you basic.” Those are some clutch bars right there. It should also be noted that Tim Nihan makes a fly contribution with favorable vocal work & lyrics on the intro and break. As a whole, this single is a certified banger.
**My Two Cents: The Glory is definitely worth all of the waiting that fans of Mr. Fritz had to endure. The production is great though it could have been just slightly more diverse. The content is engaging. Mr. Fritz does an admirable job of bringing the listener into various aspects of his life in a fashion that is very easy to relate to. His versatile flow ensures that the ears never get bored and his way with the pen keeps the attention span on lock. I definitely think readers need to give this one a spin asap. Drop a line in the comments section with your thoughts after checking it out. -MinM

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