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Ricky Phontaine F/ Brent J Nash – “Super Freak”

by Miracle

image(Photo By Loud Management)

Readers welcome Ricky Phontaine to the site. He’s a Milwaukee based rapper with an unique persona. Think alien like with the soul of a hippie. He is the head of his own label, Pretty Good Music. Additionally, he is affiliated with Wise Owl Music Group as well. And he prides himself on being able to fuse his alternative nature with the more traditional style elements of a Hip-Hop artist. He is considered a seasoned member of the culture and has accomplished quite a bit including sharing stages with names like: Ludacris, Kid Cudi, Lil Kim, and more. Currently, he is prepping the world for the arrival of his sophomore album, The Itis. The first official release from the project is coined “Super Freak” and it features artist Brent J Nash with Soundoff Beatz on the production.

The production here is conventional. The well balanced bass, refined background components, easy going tempo, and trendy vibe result in an attractive pairing. The hook is good. The vocals are perfectly tailored for the beat and the lyrics are luring. The verses are solid. Ricky Phontaine utilizes a very distinguishable flow, adequate wordplay, and straight forward rhymes. Ricky gives the listener a vivid glimpse into what the sensual side of his world is like. A highlight from the sneak peek includes: “You cat woman fine. You can get the bat girl. Hit you with the back shots. Tell you throw ’em back girl. Maybe you should blow me down while I blow this sack girl. I’m something like a Super Fly. I’m something like a Mack girl. Riding around with that contraband. Hit the club, I might drop a band. (…) Might f–k ya friend. Girl I go deep like I’m Aquaman.” Those are some pretty up front bars right there. As a whole, this is a respectable lead single.

**My Two Cents: Ricky Phontaine makes a notable first impression. His flow definitely stands out and he has a clever way with words. This record is on point. The production is professionally packaged. The hook is flattering. And the content is up to par too. I think it sets a nice tone for the upcoming sophomore LP. For more with the 414 talent, readers can head on over to his Sound Cloud. Also, word is that a tour is in the works. So if you are digging Mr. Phontaine, be sure to check out that Twitter link at the beginning of the post to keep up with all of his ventures and news. -MinM

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