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Mr. Fritz – “Feeling You”

by Miracle

Mr Fritz Feeling You Cover Art(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Feeling You” (listen/download)

Mr. Fritz is a Boston rapper/producer/engineer in his mid-twenties. He is part of a collective dubbed Producers United founded by an individual named Shawn Patel. Producers United is simply a group of a wide range of music industry talents (producers, artists, promoters, etc) working together towards success by helping to build one another up. Fritz has been in the game for about ten years and counting. He is described as a standout due to his: lyricism, punch lines, energy, and knack for storytelling. He uses his own personal experiences as well as things he’s witnessed in life as the inspirations for his tunes. And he seems to be doing something right as he just made XXL‘s “The New New: 15 Boston Rappers You Should Know” list earlier this year. Not a bad look at all.

A couple of weeks ago the site received his latest single entitled, “Feeling You.” It was produced by fellow Producers United member J1K Beats. The song has been performing extremely well with over 6,000 plays to date and multiple placements on various media outlets. It has been cited as one of Mr. Fritz’s most successful songs yet. And it’s not hard to understand why. J1K murdered the production which incorporates a sampling of “Feeling Me, Feeling You” by R&B songstress Alicia Keys. The quiet bass, debonair musical constituents, lustrous rhythm, and grown & sexy vibe make for a five star mix. The hook is of grade A quality too. It’s more of a play on the sample. The verses are fresh. Mr. Fritz presents a refined flow, enticing wordplay, and rhymes laced with game. He does a noble job of paying homage to the ladies on this cut. Some lines worth highlighting are: “Already know that Fritz a champion stroker. Do it all night. Make you leave yo man because he do it alright. Don’t discriminate, that means I do ’em all types. Light, dark, or pale; ya boy’s gone prevail. I like a woman whose a lover and a lady. Her body banging and she don’t be acting crazy. On rainy nights I’m gonna hold her like a baby. And when she want it, I’m a do her like she paid me. Smooth n—a, real, and I’m fly as hell.” Those bars provide a boss kick off for the track. Overall, this record is a certified banger.

**My Two Cents: Mr Fritz did his thing on this cut. As a lady myself, I have to say this is one of the best female targeted songs I’ve heard in a long time. The press info mentions a similarity to Biggie and I couldn’t agree more. It definitely has a strong 90’s groove to it. But Fritz shines as an individual too. He has an impeccable style and his rhymes are tight. And J1k smashed the production. The Alicia Keys sample was perfectly used and the instrumental as a whole was just fire. This was a great introduction to both Mr. Fritz & J1k and I hope Shawn will be willing to share more with us in the future. Readers need to get “Feeling You” into their personal music rotations asap. -MinM


ProU October 22, 2013 - 1:00 am

Cant express our thanks enough. Thank you for the detailed article and support to our team!

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