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Toy Taha – I Am Woman (EP Review)

by Miracle

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I Am Woman (listen/download)

Philly songbird Toy Taha made her initial appearance on the site back in the summertime. She shared her song “Memories” and it made a pretty respectable impression. Since then she has released her debut EP, I Am Woman. With the single being so well received, thought readers might enjoy the brief album too. It’s described as the motions of a woman as she transitions in and out of relationships. Taha takes the listener through a gauntlet of scenarios including: making love, fighting to hold on to love, and more. She wraps the experiences in a variety of R&B styles ranging from Progressive to Soulful. Find out which romantic based escapades lingered with the site after the break.

“Drums Of Heart”

The production here is great.  It contains a subdued base, complimentary instrumentation, a mid-tempo gait, and a reserved vibe. The hook is enjoyable too. Taha’s vocals are passionate and the lyrics are vivid. They really bring life to the singer’s emotions: “I don’t know what I did to ever deserve this. I need my baby here. I want my baby here. Too much suffering laying without him. I need my baby here. I want my baby here.” The pain spilling from those words is moving. The verses are adequate. Taha serves up tangible vocals and wistful lyrics. She does a wonderful job of continuing to convey the feeling of longing one endures when they are missing the presence of a significant other with lines like: “Heart send me a sweet escape. Maybe music will light my face. Heart protect me from the rain. Send a little sunshine my way.” One has to appreciate the devout expression in those words. Overall, this song is a gem.

“Between Us”

The production here is appealing. It is comprised of: a graceful foundation, fitting musical ingredients, an intermediate pace, and a harmonious vibe. The hook is kosher. The vocals are quality and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are deep. Taha presents pacifying vocals and remorseful lyrics. She let’s a potential suitor down as well as apologizes for possibly leading him on while making it very evident that she is happy with her current situation. She opens up with: “You know I took a risk when I invited you in. You knew I had someone. So why are you so surprised? Baby you knew that I was already wrapped up. Talking that G s–t, thinking you could change my mind. Oh, I never meant to play with your emotions. That was never my intention. But you know you’re hard headed. And I know you regret it. But you never listened when I warned you.” Those are some heavy sentiments being articulated right there. All in all, this is another delectable offering and a site favorite.

**My Two Cents: I Am Woman is a fair debut. The theme behind the EP is excellent. The content is satisfactory and the production is first-rate. I think the vocal work could have been a little more fine tuned and the wording could have used a tad more spark. But as a whole, it was not bad at all for a first time effort. I’d say it ranks at a 3.5/5. Also as a reminder, Toy Taha doesn’t just do music. She runs her own site as well. So be sure to visit My Ears To Yours when the time permits. -MinM

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