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Monty Cold – “ITO (Inner Thottie Out)” (Video)

by Pooh Bailey

MC(Photo By Mr. Lyght)

Ladies and gentlemen meet Monty Cold. A musician born in Washington D.C, who as a teenager, found peace at the piano, in which Monty Cold realized music was his calling. Monty then began to craft his music by channeling his musical inspirations such as Andre 3000, A Tribe Called Quest, and Stevie Wonder. With such dynamic influences, comes a huge canvas for Monty to show us his art. His first offering off of his newly released project FVEGO is titled “ITO (Inner Thottie Out).”

The song itself gives off a “Bonita Applebum (2015 Remix)” with a screwed and chopped Migos’ flow. I adored the production. The beat was A1. As for the hook, it’s extremely catchy. Slightly frivolous? Yes. But not enough for you to cut the song off, just enough for you to giggle and keep grooving. The verses, however, could’ve been a bit stronger. I understand artists don’t want to get super lyrical on a track that shouldn’t be taken so seriously, but they can’t coast on it either. The video is decent. I wish it would’ve shown more of the woman, trying to let her ‘thottie’ out. Because I don’t think just throwing on a wig and makeup is really giving us the full picture. I loved the party scene, mainly because that’s my type of party. However, like I stated before, I wish it would’ve shown the young woman doing ‘thot’ activities. All in all, Monty Cold seems to be an artist to be on the lookout for. With a few more tweaks and some polishing, Monty will be a problem. Let’s just hope that “ITO (Inner Thottie Out)” is a stepping stone to bigger & better tunes. -Pooh Bailey

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