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Lonnie Moore – “Won’t Say”

by Pooh Bailey

IMG_1496(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Introducing 24 year old Baltimore native, Lonnie Moore. Lonnie started writing poetry at age 14, which lead to his passion for Hip-Hop. Since 2010, Lonnie Moore has been dropping mixtapes that he believes are delivered with quality content. His mixtape HD Dreams 2, which was released earlier this year, has garnered the respect of his peers in Baltimore as well as the DMV area. His newly released track “Won’t Say” produced by Andre On Beat is the follow up to his most recent body of work.

Let me just say that Lonnie Moore is probably my favorite new artist of 2015. “Won’t Say” will put you in the mind of Drake and his producer 40. The difference is that Lonnie comes off way more natural than Drake. Lonnie’s flow is one that is being used a lot lately, but he knows how to work it and make it his own. Andre On Beat, is also someone that we all need to be on the lookout for. The production on this track will make the ‘hot’ producers rethink their latest work. Lyrically, it’s good. It’s not dope, but this isn’t one of those songs that needs a punchline after every half bar. Lonnie Moore is surely on his way and I’m proud I got to do a review before his name is everywhere. “Won’t Say” is clearly a contender for the top song of 2015. The only concern is will Lonnie Moore continue with this momentum or will he be another ‘Whatever happened to … ?’ type of artist. – Pooh Bailey

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