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Montrey Slayton – “Love Drug”

by Miracle

(Photo By Montrey Slayton)

“Love Drug” (preview)

Love At First Sight (listen/download)

Montrey Slayton is a singer/songwriter from the great state of Illinois who is now based in Milwaukee. His musical journey started early via instruments. He learned to play everything from the drums to the saxophone and put his skills to use while in school. Upon graduating high school he began to focus more on his vocals and stage performance. He has laid a solid foundation for his career by: singing background for various acts, tackling key performances, and gaining recognition on popular online blogs and media sites. He plans to keep pushing forward and expanding his talents which includes testing the waters in other genres like Pop; until ultimately he reaches that essential peak in his career. Recently, Montrey released a brand new project titled Love At First Sight. The album’s promotional single was a track called “Love Drug.”

“Love Drug” was produced by Nine Diamond. The production here is decent. It contains a quiet core, light components, and a calming vibe. The hook is of premium quality. The vocals are smooth. The lyrics are inventive. The verses are choice. Montrey brings fresh melodies and picturesque lyrics. He does a really nice job of depicting the impact that a special lady has on him. A few noteworthy lines include: “This is so exclusive. So please don’t blow my high. It’s so one of a kind. Don’t mind me if I don’t pass. Cause baby your love is first class. And even if I overdose, give me another dose.” Sweetly expressed feelings being shared right there. Overall, this song is a hit and was a smart selection to use to help advertise the album.

**My Two Cents: This was a cool track. I love the play on words and the very suave feel of the whole piece. I think Montrey did his thing. Love At First Sight can be previewed and downloaded for free over at Dat Piff. So if readers enjoyed this song too, they should hit up the provided link. Also, Montrey can be found on the web via Twitter. -MinM

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