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Cinco – “Reflecting” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

 “Reflecting” (listen/download)

The one and only Cinco is back with a brand new track off of an upcoming project that he has in the works. The song is named “Reflecting” and was produced by Storm Watkins. The production here is original. It consists of sampling, a distinct rhythm, and an optimistic vibe. There is no hook. Just a small break where the sample plays for a bit. The verses are engaging. Cinco delivers his special flow, sharp wordplay, and fun rhymes. He shares a bit of his early life and experiences with music. A couple of interesting lines include: “Did I mention detentions all the time. Because instead of learning lessons, I just chose to rhyme. They weren’t the dopest lines. I just spoke on what I knew about. Crushing on different girls, b-ball, and sneaking out.” Honest and entertaining spitting going on right there. All in all, this a fly cut. It’s short but Cinco managed to put together an appealing story that is sure to capture any listener’s attention.


To compliment the new single, Cinco also dropped a set of visuals. The video was done by a Wisconsin based company called Higher Resolution. The video opens with a collage of different photos being shown. From there the flick basically just centers on Cinco walking about and being animated. There are clips from home movies dispersed throughout the piece as well. The video ends with one last shot of the photos and some rewind action. In the end, this was a pleasant watch.

**My Two Cents: I have become a huge fan of Cinco and his music since he started submitting material to the site. So I was happy to see that he had some new stuff in rotation. I like this song and video a lot. Both are easy to connect to and a joy to take in. But please take a moment to listen and watch for yourselves. Be sure to peep Cinco’s website and Facebook page too. -MinM

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