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MKE Center Stage (Sixth Edition)

by Miracle

Illixer414(Photo By Trill GFX)

Mister ParrisThe Official (EP)


Mister Parris is known in the entertainment & fashion worlds for his unique striking way with graphics/designs. He’s the mastermind behind the site’s current logo as a matter of fact. However, what some might not be aware of is the fact that he also dabbles in music. A little bit ago, he released a brand new EP produced entirely by the one and only 40Mil. The project is labeled The Official and it contains a total of nine tracks. Additionally, there are features from names such as: Jackie B, Tory Lowe, and Yo Dot. A highlight from the collective would be “The Alarm.” This is a collaboration with the controversial Tory Lowe. The song carries a strong call for the people to stand up and combat all of the violence as well as the corruption that plagues the world today. The tune is set to a smooth old school style instrumental with a slight groove to it and a conscious vibe. It’s a solid track and just one of many on the EP. Readers should definitely give the whole project a spin if they haven’t already.

Rich P.Freetape II

The site’s favorite classy rapper Rich P. has officially revamped himself. He is now representing the Life Is Richual brand. Life Is Richual not only serves as a fresh new lifestyle brand but as an artistic platform and indie record label as well. Rich plans on using the new venture to focus more on his solo career, merchandising, and just overall success. The meaning behind the brand is simply that everything in his career has a place and a purpose. To signify the new brand, Rich gifted his die hard supporters with an exclusive release. The project is called Freetape II and it features the hit single “Trump” (see above video). There are six other tracks on the tape as well as a couple of guest appearances from rapper AG Da Gift. The producers on the collective are something to be noted too. The site’s favorite joints include: “From The Ghetto” and “Let Me Rap.” Both records are set to slick instrumentals with savvy vibes. “From The Ghetto” is a relative piece that will touch a lot of people with it’s realness. “Let Me Rap” is a brief entertainment piece that listeners can just zone out to and enjoy. As a whole, Freetape II might be Rich’s best work to date. Be sure to keep up with his website to catch it when it’s made available to the public.

WaukeeBlack Heart 2

Rebel Soul member Waukee (formerly known as 20Aces) set forth a follow up project last month entitled Black Heart 2. The mixtape is eight tracks long including two interludes and shows the 414 talent linking up with fellow group members Watley Yeltaw and Real McCoy. A pair of selections that stand out from the project are: “Say Okay” and “Great One Day.” “Say Okay” has a sprightly production with a charming vibe. The hook is melodic as well as catchy. And the verses are first-rate. Guest artist Fari makes an excellent contribution. All in all, the song paints a familiar back & forth scenario of a couple trying to get their ish together. “Great One Day” consists of weighty production with quirky elements and a cloudy vibe. The hook is intriguing and contains striking lyrics. The verses are copacetic. The fellas come with distinct flows and expressive rhymes. They speak vividly on darker personal times and the hopes to potentially rise above them one day. Choice way to conclude the tape. As a whole, Black Heart 2 is fair and worth giving lending an ear to.
I haven’t done a MKE Center Stage post in a while. So I thought I’d bring it back and give these fellas some much deserved recognition at the same time. Each of these offerings is on point in it’s own way. Readers should definitely sift through the works when they have a free moment on their hands and are looking for some new music to jam out to. -MinM

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