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Young Lyric – “OOOUUU” (Remix)

by Miracle


Young Lyric has joined the wave of artists embarking on the latest remix craze of “OOOUUU” by rising Hip-Hop star Young M.A. This comes as she prepares to release her second official project in November. The project is coined Boss Moves.

The production here stays true to the original. The deep bass, hefty supporting components, unhurried tempo, and businesslike vibe make for a respectable combination. There is no hook on this remake just a nod to the title towards the end. The ongoing verse is adequate. Young Lyric offers up a consistent flow, satisfactory wordplay, and cheeky rhymes. She maintains the themes of the initial single quite nicely. Said themes include: getting money, living it up, and staying on the grind. A sprinkling of notable lines are: “Boss Moves gone be too cold. Raised in the hood. I will not fold. If I want it, I’m coping two of those. Steady under pressure. The flow is precious as solid gold. To these kids I’m a hero. Cause I came from the gutter to stacking c-notes. We be hitting licks like a free-throw. (….) No ghostwriter, well you need one. Where ya hits at? We ain’t seen none. This is something you can’t hide from. I’m respected that’s something you can’t buy hon.” Those are some pretty colorful bars right there. A s a whole, this is a valid little remix.

**My Two Cents: This is a cool installment in the series of remixes that are surfacing for “OOOUUU.” Young Lyric handles the beat fairly and comes with some striking bars here and there. Her signature pizzazz is missing though. Not sure if it’s due to the origin of the track which is a bit of a contrast from Lyric’s norm or what. But she’s definitely come with a lot more of a spark in her previous tunes. Hopefully, it returns for the next release. In the meantime, readers should give this an ear when they have some time to spare. -MinM

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