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Rod McCoy – “Pushin Dope”

by Miracle

img_20160920_224354“Pushin Dope” (iTunes)

Following a successful tour of the Southeast side of the map, long time Southern affiliate Rod McCoy is preparing to hit his supporters with a fresh project at the top of 2017. To get the ball rolling, he released a brand new single just a few short days ago. The song is called “Pushin Dope” and sees the ATL representer joining forces with Australian producer BryZone_YBP.

The production here is different. The eccentric base, fluctuating secondary details, lingering rhythm, and slightly shadowy vibe fuse together winningly. The hook is favorable. The delivery blends nicely with the beat and the lyrics are solid. The verses are heavy hitting. Rod McCoy conveys a high spirited flow, prompt wordplay, and competent rhymes. He gives the listener an earful that is sure to create an auditory high that one will want to repeatedly experience. For instance, he spits: “Everyone obsessed with talking ’bout s–t instead of investing. All over town putting up a front but can’t back up your brethren. Money don’t grow on trees. Knowledge starts from a seed. The only way to go is up. You ain’t dying if you don’t believe. Just grind to get out the weeds. Keep the motive the same throughout the seasons. How the f–k you don’t like trabajando but you always be ready to eat s–t. Please diet, homie cease it. You on that dumb s–t that I don’t agree with.” There is no denying the raw blazing nature of those bars right there. All in all, this is an ace way to kick off the journey to a new project. One of Rod’s best tracks for sure.

**My Two Cents: This year flew by. It doesn’t seem like it should be time for artists to be working on 2017 material already (smh). But Rod McCoy is on to something major. “Pushin Dope” is a prize from start to finish. BryZone_YBP slays behind the boards and Rod McCoy exercises the hell out of his pen to drop some very pointed content. Not to mention, WI gets a shout out at the very beginning of the track too. That’s love (lol). Readers definitely need to treat their ears to this one. So go ahead and drop that coin for the track. I promise it’s worth every penny. -MinM

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