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MKE Center Stage (Seventh Edition)

by Miracle

Illixer414(Photo By Trill GFX)

FamousMFNo Feelings (EP)


FamousMF dropped his second project for the year not that long ago. It’s an EP labeled No Feelings. The collective contains ten tracks altogether and no guest appearances. Included on the short album is the previously reviewed “The Wait Is Over.” Famous took on a majority of the production himself as well. Trademark and TooneOnDaBeat do contribute a little something on the producer tip too though. The EP has a dark gritty overall vibe to it and it is packed full of sleek beats and in your face rhymes. Some of the standout cuts from the collective are: “Just Wanna Chill,” “Power,” “Always Faded,” and “No Names Mentioned.” But No Feelings as a whole is consistently dope. Readers definitely need to take a moment and give the effort a play or two.

EZ MoneyK.O.A.K. 2
Rapper EZ Money released his sophomore mixtape at the end of last month. It’s called K.O.A.K. 2 and it’s a full length project with a hearty 19 tracks on deck. There are also guest appearances from other well known Milwaukee names such as Son Em’ All and Hektik. There is definitely no sophomore jinx on this offering. EZ brings his A game on every record. The production is clean and diverse. The themes cover a wide range of topics. And the features are very fitting. The Illixer has a few favorite tunes. Said favorites include: “Don’t Get Involved,” “Get It,” “Day 1’s,” and “Fcuk Yo Jordans.” The young budding emcee definitely shows some growth/development throughout K.O.A.K. 2 and proves to still be worthy of his crown. This is another project that readers do no want to miss out on. So be sure to hit that play button.

Sonick – “Keyz” (Freestyle)


Sonick decided that his supporters deserved a little something fresh from the vault as this fourth music quarter starts to wind down. So he sent over a short & sweet freestyle/remix that he did to “I Got The Keys” by DJ Khaled (F/ Jay Z and Future). DJ Gutta helped him serve up the new clip. The original beat stays in tact while the hook is omitted completely. Sonick goes ham for about a minute or so, demonstrating how a true boss really gets down on the mic. His rhymes are unapologetic as well as extremely rewind worthy. And his flow is sick. If the tunes he’s working on for up-and-coming releases are anything like this “Keyz” number, he’s about to be a problem. This is a must listen for sure.

There are a lot of music releases circulating through the local scene as we get ready to say goodbye to 2016. So just wanted to highlight a couple of the artists that I happen to notice and rock with. These fellas are sure to leave their mark on the end of the year. And it would be a shame for people to not experience it. So be sure to check them out during your down time. I promise you won’t regret it. -MinM

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