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2017 Top 5 New Artists: Pariah D

by Pooh Bailey


Pariah D

Introducing Pariah D. Pariah is an Irish and Puerto-Rican emcee born & raised in Milwaukee, WI. She tries to be a little bit of everything in her music. While being a writer her whole life, she found her true passion when she was introduced to Hip-Hop. With her love of Milwaukee, Pariah isn’t here to ‘make it big’ but to bring joy to the city that she calls home.


So Why Is Pariah D A 2017 Top 5 New Artist?

Pariah D is an unique soul. Her style is more of Iggy Azalea meets Yelawolf. It’s a crazy flow with unorthodox wordplay. What she brings to the table is an unapologetic presence that once unleashed, will have the hardest rapper bowing down. Pariah D is a name that female rappers should put on notice, because she is coming for that spot that these other female rappers seem to have no hold on. -Pooh Bailey

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