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2017 Top 5 New Artists: Street Fam Ace

by Pooh Bailey

Street Fam Ace

Street Fam Ace is a brand-new rapper to the underground music scene. Recently Ace has linked with neighborhood friend and director Spaz Gordon on putting together his first debut project. Over the past few months they have vigorously been shooting videos non-stop and putting them to the side for the right time which is when Ace is ready to unveil himself to the world. Ace and Spaz Gordon have put out his first video titled “Banned From TV Freestyle,” which is picking up a great amount of steam within his network and the community around him. Ace plans to release more videos and record more songs for his upcoming project Street Fam: The Mixtape which is projected to be released in early 2017.

So Why Is Street Fam Ace A 2017 Top 5 New Artist?

Street Fam Ace is everybody’s favorite hood-star. His charisma and swag are what hooks the listener in. Nobody wants to hear those super lyrical deep rhymes all of the time. Sometimes we just want that pure hoodsh*t. And that is what Ace brings. It’s gaudy. It’s braggadocios.  It’s what the people need. 2017 is gearing up quite nicely for this emcee and we at The Illixer, can not wait. -Pooh Bailey

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