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Famous MF – “The Wait Is Over” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

13920315_1135420283186815_8267246430782742094_o(1)(Photo By Famous MF)

It’s been several months since readers last heard anything from Famous MF. He’s been hard at work on this third up-and-coming project, No Feelings. Recently, he sent over a short video for a single coined “The Wait Is Over.” The single is produced by Famous himself which is nothing new and it is scheduled to appear on the aforementioned pending project.

The production here is sick. The sunken bass, harrowing background elements, laboring tempo, and dark vibe make for an excellent combination. Famous outdid himself on the boards this time around. The hook appears towards the end of the record. It’s a catchy element to the piece. The delivery is clever and the lyrics are charismatic. The solitary verse that is present is pure heat. Famous steps up to the plate with an aggressive flow, memorable wordplay, and premium bars. He definitely gives off the impression that his new content is worth a bit of anticipation. Take notice as he spits: “Yo girl good with the brain. No honor roll mentions. And nothing is out of the question. Don’t question my motives … decisions, opinions. Good luck catching me sober. Cause that’s one in a million. Don’t f–k with the fake who show love to yo face, and then hate from a distance.” Those lines right there are pretty slick. All in all, this selection is a banger.

The video for this cut is directed by Trademark. It is a straightforward set of visuals. The premise basically just showcases Famous hanging out under a structure in the evening time. He gives an engaging performance via his mannerisms, facial expressions, etc. Additionally, there are some editing tricks at play that give the vision a dope air to it. The flick concludes quickly by simply fading to black. As a whole, this is a great conventional way to bring the record to life.

**My Two Cents: This is the best submission we’ve ever received from Famous MF, in my opinion. The beat is crazy and he gels with it perfectly. The content is flawless as well. And everything comes together favorably in the video. If this is what’s in store from No Feelings, I can’t wait to hear it. Famous just might have placed himself at the top of the game with this one. -MinM

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