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Meet Milwaukee’s Hip-Hop Scholars: Scholar Guy Music Q&A

by Miracle

(Photo By Scholar Guy Music Facebook)

“The Milwaukee scene is a difficult one to conquer, but it is getting better. We are all doing the same thing, just separately. What we need to do is come together, set out a goal and attack city by city. This city is working together a lot more than it has before, but it still needs improvement.” (Scholar Guy Mafia) / Readers first got to know the trio of Scholar Guy Music through their mixtape Scholar Gang Mafia. The response was so great that it seemed only right to let the group share some of their story. Click the jump for The Illixer’s exclusive interview with B. Justice, Great Man Relllio, and Samantha Kay.

The Illixer: How did the group come together? 

Scholar Guy Music: We all met in Bay View High School. Sometime after we graduated the music brought us together.

TI: What is the story behind your group name Scholar Guy Music?

SGM: B. Justice came up with the name. He always referred to himself as a scholar when rapping, so we ran with that since it seemed to fit the group and what we bring to the table.

TI: Name something that each member of the group contributes that you feel is important to the group’s success.   

SGM: B. Justice makes the beats and is great with concepts. Great Man Relllio is a good lyricist and has drive. Samantha Kay has an enticing personality and an in your face delivery. Together we are a great balance.

TI: What makes Scholar Guy Music unique from up and coming Hip-Hop groups out there?

SGM: We are unique because we are a mixed gender trio that has raw talent that blends seamlessly together.

TI: What do you think is the advantage to being a mixed gender group over a group that has all the same gender? 

SGM: The advantage we have is that we appeal to both male and female fans equally.

TI: You guys have a very high energy at your live shows. Explain your process for preparing for a performance. 

SGM: While rehearsing we think of ways to keep our energy and still have the crowd involved. A day prior we all meet at the studio, have drinks and pizza and go over the planned show to decide what songs to perform. The energy and performance truly comes from our involvement and belief in the music we create.

TI: Describe one of the most memorable moments of your career so far and explain why you chose it.

SGM: Our first performance we ever did together at 618 Live On Water. The response from the crowd was so explosive; it put the stamp of approval on what we were creating as something special. The support and love was overwhelming and unexpected. Ever since then we have taken flight.

TI: Explain the inspiration behind your current mixtape Scholar Gang Mafia

SGM: We pretty much just combined a bunch of our ideas to B. Justice’s beats and created magic. We didn’t come up with the name for the mix tape until we were done with the tracks. Samantha and Relllio said “Scholar Gang Mafia” in their lyrics a few times, so what better than to title it so.

TI: Your favorite track off of Scholar Gang Mafia is what and why? 

SGM: “I Want It All,” just because it has so much energy and it’s fun to perform.

TI: One of the definitions of the term Scholar is a specialist in a given branch of knowledge. How are you guy’s specialists in the area of Hip-Hop?  

SGM: We understand and respect what Hip-Hop truly is and what it really means. It’s about: creativity, originality, and engaging the listener while telling our story through rhythm and lyrics.

TI: Are there any upcoming projects in store for Scholar Guy Music? 

SGM: Yes! We are working on a few solo projects: Pressure Bust Pipes the mixtape by Great Man Relllio, Law & Order mixtape by B. Justice, and on Easter Sunday (April 8th, 2012) we are hosting a party at The Wherehouse/Hot Water.

**My Two Cents: So that should give readers a little additional insight into the Scholar Guy Music trio. For even more with the group, be sure to check them out on Reverb Nation. And if you haven’t done so already, check out their mixtape at the above link. Much love to SGM for taking the time out to chop it up with The Illixer! Best of luck with your future endeavors. -MinM

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