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Meet Sacramento Duo: The New Aira

by Miracle

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The New Aira is a Hip-Hop duo on the rise from Sacramento, California. They have a  sound that blends R&B, Techno, and Pop with the genre of Hip-Hop. The duo consists of P.S. and Michael Paul. The two first encountered each other via a high school gym class. Nothing came of the encounter at first. However, the two would go on to eventually become best friends through their passion for music and the rest is history. The duo feels their biggest asset is their distinctive personalities. P.S. is said to be the more aggressive type while Michael Paul is the more relaxed one. With a serious work ethic and a strong belief in themselves, the fellas of The New Aira feel they are destined for great things. Are they right? The only way to find out is to check out a couple of tracks.

“No Props”

This track comes from the duo’s debut EP, Out Of The Shadows. The production here is hot. It contains a light tone and an old school Hip-Hop vibe. Which is probably because it features a sampling of “Props Over Here” by the Beatnuts. The hook is a combination of the sample and a few simple original lines thrown in. It is a quality hook. The verses are on point as well. Both rappers came with clean flows, interesting wordplay, and first-rate rhymes. Some notable lines include: “Finally had to let go of numerous personas. Simply put I had too many limes in my coronas. So I salt it down, let it bubble up, and chill out. Cause life is just a prepubescent version of erections. Hard at the drop of a dime, no discretion. My own personal purgatory, population I.” That is really clever lyricism in those lines right there. Overall, this song is a winner and should be put into heavy rotation. Out Of The Shadows is a six song project that showcases a wide variety of what The New Aira has to offer. Readers can listen to it here.

“American Way”

This cut can be found on the group’s Songs For New York EP. The production here is good. It features a variety of different sounds, a slight bass, and a feel good vibe. The hook is great. The vocals are well done and the lyrics have a fun/catchy theme. “So we chilling at the bar, me and my friends. How I let this happen again. Shorty I’m gone, til six in the am. Yeah girl, I’m gone, til six in the am. Cause we party all night. Sleep all day. That’s the dream of the American way. Cause I’m on, til six in the am. Yeah shorty, I’m on, til six in the am;” perfect lines to sing while jamming at a party or club. The verses are dope too. Again, the vocal work is top notch. The lyrics continue the fun free spirited nature previously established by the song’s beat and chorus. And the fellas do an excellent job of putting the listener in a festive mood. In the end, this song is a banger and the favorite off of the EP.

**My Two Cents: These two singles demonstrate the versatility of The New Aira. The duo can kill a Hip-Hop joint and then turn around and own an R&B joint with no problems. Not many artists these days have that kind of skill. If they keep fine tuning their craft, The New Aira is definitely going places. Out Of The Shadows and Songs For New York are both strong projects. Each contains choice selected beats and diverse premium content. It is highly suggested that readers click the above provided links and check out The New Aira for themselves. Then head on over to Facebook and show the duo some love. -MinM

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