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Marilyn McBandz F/ Kelz Barnone – “Pipe Down”

by Pooh Bailey

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

We were first introduced to Marilyn McBandz in 2013 with her single “Bingo.” Since that time McBandz has been tearing up the Milwaukee streets with her live shows, while perfecting her craft. Now back for the first time, Marilyn McBandz has given us her first offering Pipe Down,” off of her forthcoming debut mixtape.

The catchy tune features another up and comer Kelz Barnone and is produced by Pablo Beats. This song is the perfect example of Milwaukee’s Jakkin Music scene. “Pipe Down” is a dope song to ride to, however I wish the beat would’ve sped up since McBandz and Kelz both were spitting fast. This dynamic duo both have that Meek Mill type of flow going on during this record, it’s just the beat throws you off. Excluding production, McBandz really brought it. She’s got it and if she keeps bringing it, the mixtape is sure to be lit. As for Kelz, she really released her inner beast on this track. All in all, “Pipe Down” is a nice track to hold you over until Marilyn McBandz drops her mixtape later this year. Let’s just hope she upgrades the production quality. –Pooh Bailey

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