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Benz Shelton – Trippy Ass White Boy (Mixtape Review)

by Pooh Bailey

COVER(Photo By Sound Cloud)

The Illixer would like to introduce readers to Benz Shelton, an up and coming rapper from Albuquerque, New Mexico. And with a new rapper comes a new mixtape to introduce as well. Trippy Ass White Boy is the debut mixtape of Benz Shelton. And let me be the first to say that I would recommend Shelton as ‘Rookie Of The Year’ and this mixtape as ‘Mixtape Of The Year.’ The keyword here is ‘recommend.’ Shelton’s flow reminds me of when we were excited about Asher Roth. I just hope Shelton doesn’t disappoint us further down the road like Asher did. Production-wise reminds me of that old Do or Die beat. Just straight vibing and you wish it never ends. The only downside is the songs aren’t long enough.

Pros: What I stress to artists is to limit your features on your debut. Your debut mixtape /album should showcase you and your skills. Benz Shelton does this with only one feature. You get to witness what a beast Shelton can become. Shelton’s flow is dynamic and he just rides the beat like a bus on a field trip. His punchlines reminds me of a young Lloyd Banks, just gritty.

Cons: Like I stated before the length of the songs is the only problem. It’s like having a mixtape full of Jay Z’s “Beach is Better.” I understand that no one wants the song to drag but on your debut you have to go for broke. A few of the beats could’ve been murdered but the hesitation is there. I just hope on the next project Shelton goes all out.

Trippy Ass White Boy is a solid mixtape. The production is on point and Benz Shelton brings it. Yes, the songs are short but it’s better than some of the stuff the radio promotes. I highly recommend this mixtape and Benz Shelton as an artist. I hope that he continues to grow and doesn’t get too crazy on us further on down the line. So go ahead and use your bandwidth to get trippy with a white boy from Albuquerque. – Pooh Bailey

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