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Louie Z – Money, B—che$, & Lie$ (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Dat Piff)

Money, B—che$, & Lie$ (listen/download)

Readers first got a taste of Milwaukee emcee Louie Z via a single he collaborated on called “Game Over.” He had the last verse on that track but he still managed to hold his own and make an impression. Earlier this month he dropped a new solo project colorfully titled Money, B—che$, & Lie$. The mixtape features a collection of beats chosen by Louie and his team coupled with Louie’s personal brand of lyricism. So how did it all turn out? Get the scoop after the jump.

“Last One Left”

The production here is hot. It is composed of a level bass, a small number of background elements, and a street vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are self-explanatory. The verses are proficient. Louie takes on a passionate flow with solid wordplay and intense rhymes. He bares his soul about some personal conflicts that he’s dealing with in his life. Notable lines include: “So don’t blame me for the repercussions. I’m losing best friends. Now I’m sitting, smoking, suffering. F–k it, it ain’t nothing. I’m acting like it ain’t nothing. They wanna f–king leave? Well f–k it, let ’em. Keep on trucking. But on the real I love y’all a** to death. That’s why I f–king hurt feeling like the last one left!” Raw and emotional lines right there. Overall, this song is a banger. It’s got a tough nature to it yet at the same time it touches on issues that a few people can probably relate to.

“Louie’s Room”

Yes, this a remix of the infamous Drake hit, “Marvin’s Room.” It also includes portions of the popular female version of the song done by Pop/R&B songstress JoJo. The production pretty much mirrors the original. There is no hook. However, a few of the lyrics from the hook of JoJo’s version can be heard throughout the piece. Louie spits one original verse. He does a fitting job. His flow suits the beat really well, he has creative wordplay, and detailed rhymes. He does an excellent job of executing the theme of reflecting on a lost relationship. Observe as he spits: “If you’re observant you notice I’m talking past tense. Quickly moving down the bumpy road, no seat-belt fastened. Whoever thought our love boat would end up crashing. And now I have vivid pictures of us laughing. Remember the nasty texts with some attachments? With some attachments. What new n—as is you f–king with? I’m just asking.” Great story-telling elements in those lines. Following the end of Louie’s verse, is a female response that puts a slight twist on the first verse from JoJo’s cut. Not a bad interpretation but no one can sing it like Jo. All in all, this was a decent remake. Drake and JoJo would certainly approve.

“Story To Tell”

This track was produced by Year Beatz. The production here is pleasant. It’s got a deep core laced with a piano and other light musical elements. The hook is simple. The delivery is orderly and the lyrics are direct. The verses are favorable. Louie brings a relaxed flow and undaunted rhymes. He gives the listener great insight on who he is as he speaks at length about: family, women, his personal dispositions on certain topics, and more. He constructed a strong self-portrait for the listener via his words. In the end, this song is a hit.

**My Two Cents: Money, B—che$, & Lie$ ended up surprising me. I thought it would be all hood or gangsta style music. It actually turned out to be a bit diverse. Also, Louie was a lot more open then I expected as well. He really disclosed an intimate side of himself. That’s a good thing though because it makes the project easier for people to vibe with. As a whole, Money, B—che$, & Lie$ is on point. Louie and his crew selected beats that meshed well with his style and his lyrical game is solid. He could tighten up his wordplay and concepts just a little but he has something going for him without a doubt. However, don’t just take my word for it. Head on over to Dat Piff and give the tape a listen. -MinM

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