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Don P, $killz, & Louie Z – “Game Over” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Nak Musick Facebook)

Nak Musick is a local record label here in Milwaukee. It is made up of a group of individual artists and a producer. The company was previously mentioned on the site in relation to $killz‘s “Workin” video and his pending EP, It Was All A Dream. Recently, Nak Musick artists Don P and Louie Z teamed up with $killz for another venture. The trio got together to compose a video for their track called “Game Over.” The song will appear on the upcoming Nak Musick mixtape and was produced by Nak Musick producer Big Curse. The visuals can be seen below.


This video was shot and edited by Sergio Soprano of EsGee Films. Yup, he too was a part of the “Workin” video. The video was filmed in Chicago, IL. The decision to film there was inspired by the hook. The concept features the fellas kicking it in an assortment of locations throughout the city. The different spots range from ordinary areas like a subway platform, to more trendy areas like the outside of the Chicago Theatre. The scenes are enhanced with unique angles and effects that really make the rappers and the different settings stand out. Also, all three rappers came with a lot of energy and personality. So they were entertaining to watch. Don P gets the ball rolling, $killz keeps things popping in the middle portion, and Louie Z finishes things up on a strong note. Additionally, it should be mentioned that Big Curse makes a cameo appearance, as he does the hook for the track. Then of course there are shots of everyone hanging out together. The color scheme for the video was ordinary. But the opening and ending parts are done in black in white. The video ends with a montage of quick shots from the group’s time in Chicago.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a sick video. Don P, $killz, and Louie Z were on point with their performances. Also, the way everything came together was really nice. It had a smooth professional look to it and didn’t just seem like a tourist video of the Chi or something. And the track is fire. The beat goes hard and everybody came with wicked rhymes. Hats off to $killz and the Nak Musick team, they killed it! -MinM

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