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ItsYaBoiH2 – No Brakes (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photos By ItsYaBoiH2)

ItsYaBoiH2 is an aspiring Southern rapper from Tennessee. He also dabbles in songwriting, is building a new label dubbed Flatliner Music, and has been in the game now for about 11 years. His foray into music itself is a pretty common one but his early technique is something different. H2 started off only doing a-capella rhymes. He didn’t have access to beats until his Sophomore year in high school. So he just wrote and spit with no music. That takes a lot of skill. The first beat he ever got though, would go on to make an impact on the young rapper. The beat was reminiscent of the score from the infamous Horror franchise Halloween. As a result, H2 was born and the rest is history. He would later go on to upgrade his name to ItsYaBoiH2 for marketing purposes. Plus, it’s got a nice ring to it. H2 describes his music as having a dirty south flavor with rich lyrics and vivid ideas. Also, he is not just confined to Hip-Hop. H2 considers himself flexible enough to fit into any genre of music. His hope is that his hunger and determination will ultimately land him a spot in the mainstream world. Where he plans to take his talents and his label to new heights. But is he ready for the big leagues? Let’s check out his upcoming mixtape No Brakes and find out.

“Pedal To Tha Metal”

The production here is good. It contains a low bass, some light musical elements, and a lively vibe. The hook is on point. ItsYaBoiH2 has a well defined tone to his delivery and the lyrics are strong. The listener can tell that H2 came really fired up on this track. Check it as he spits: “You gone learn homeboy. Beating H, it’s gone take a lot. Yeah they hate a lot. Better be ready to take a shot. Being me is a trip. A lot of s–t you gotta take. Just keep the pedal to the metal and never hit the break.” That’s an intense message right there. The verses are quality. H2 carries over his fired up demeanor in his flow and his rhymes are serious but dope. He conveys the message that his journey to the top has been no picnic but he will continue to fight for his dream. His expressive wordplay paints a striking picture of an emcee on a mission. Overall, this track is a hit. It was a forceful way to kick off the mixtape.


This track is totally different from the previous cut. The production is pleasant. It contains a slow tempo pace, a little instrumentation, and a harmonious vibe. The hook is solid. H2 brings out a melodic delivery with touching lyrics. The verses are great. H2 has a clean flow, some decent vocal work, and heartfelt rhymes. He does a compelling job of expressing his emotions as it relates to feeling defeated and having to rebuild from a male’s perspective. Some standout lines include: “And as you get older, the nights get colder. You learn to block it all with your shoulder. Cause as far as you’re concerned dawg, you’re still a soldier. And you’ll still believe all that, way long after it’s over. We’re far from sober and still feel like we can drive. When we need to just relax.”  Those lines have a lot of meaning and vulnerability to them. Since men are not really ones to be open, it’s refreshing to hear a guy vent. And this track serves as a prime example of H2 being able to master something other than traditional Hip-Hop. All in all, this was a fine song. And the unique perspective makes it a favorite off of the tape as well.

“Rappers In My Trunk” F/ TopGun

The production here is fire. It includes a heavy hitting bass line, haunting background sounds, and a dark sinister vibe. The hook is heat too. The delivery is smooth and the lyrics are simple yet edgy. The verses are sick. Both rappers came with crazy flows and wicked impeccable rhymes. H2 takes on the first half of the track and TopGun does the second half. It should be noted that TopGun is an artist on H2’s Flatliner Music label. The duo make it very clear that they have no tolerance for whack rappers. Noteworthy lines include: “I’m climbing higher than your pitch would be on helium air. Light a fire off to this b–ch and eat ’em medium rare. See everybody know I’m here. You just ain’t seeing me there. Yeah I’m posted, ain’t just blowing smoke. B–ch I’ll have ya toasted. Wouldn’t play your cards at all. Cause your deck is full of jokers.”  Some ill spitting by ItsYaBoiH2, probably his best on the tape. Overall, this track is a banger and another favorite.

“No Contest”

The production here is hot. It features a heavy knock, a few different sound effects, and a street vibe. The hook is fair. H2 has an energetic delivery and satisfactory lyrics. He could have been just a little more creative with his words though, to give them that extra something. The verses are proper. H2 has an engaging flow and blunt raw lyrics. He does a commendable job of showing off his more cocky side and flexing his skills. Additionally, he creates some distinctive images via his clever wordplay. So the verses are definitely memorable. That element is what the hook was missing. In the end, this track is worth checking out. Could use a little work but it has some shining moments.

**My Two Cents: I think ItsYaBoiH2 has something here. The tape offers a little something different on each track and for the most part he steps up to the plate every time. If he keeps pushing forward and gets a little more grooming, he could certainly be giving these mainstream cats a run for their money in the near future. No Brakes will officially be available on the 23rd of this month via Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and DJ Thomas Handsome. Readers are advised to give it a listen when it drops. In the mean time, feel free to check out ItsYaBoiH2’s earlier work here or hit him up on Twitter. -MinM

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“No Brakes” is finally here!!! DOWNLOAD NOW at http://thomashandsomemixtapes.bandcamp.com/album/itsyaboih2-no-brakes #NoBrakes


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