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Lord Infamous – “On Tha Block” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Facebook)

Rapper Lord Infamous has teamed up with the Wyte Music Records family and will be dropping a brand new album tomorrow (10/30). The album has been dubbed Back From Tha Dead: Deadly Proverbs and it’s only going to be available via online retailers. It will feature Wyte Music heavy hitters such as: Lil Wyte, Partee, $hamrock, etc. Fans are extremely excited about the new project. So it was only fitting to share the new promo video with readers. Check it out below.


This track was produced by Big Boi Beats. It’s a haunting song with dark yet quality content. Lines like: “Staring in the mirror trying to see if I still have a soul. Lucifer sent me these deadly scriptures. Why man, I don’t know. I’m my own worst enemy. I feel no love, no sympathy. The sound of dying bodies man to me sounds like a symphony;” make it perfect for the Halloween season. The video was shot and edited by CopeBoy for BIH Films out of Atlanta, GA. The visuals simply center around Lord Infamous going in while hanging out around a basketball court at night. The flick is accentuated by the presence of a flame colored hue similar to that of the album cover and Lord Infamous’s eccentric mannerisms. All in all, this was a nifty promo piece.

**My Two Cents: Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Therefore, I was all for sharing and promoting one of the biggest names in the Horrorcore genre on the site. It was actually a pretty cool song/video. On another note, Lord Infamous will be doing a Q&A on The Illixer soon courtesy of a very familiar name. So be sure to keep an eye on the site. -MinM

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