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Lo Key, J.D. “The Chief,” & Critta / Bass Head Music (BHM) – “Killin’ Time”

by Miracle

(Photo By Facebook)

“Killin’ Time” (preview)

Anyone who has been keeping up with the fellas of Bass Head Music on Facebook lately know that the guys happen to be Halloween enthusiasts. Especially member J.D. “The Chief. So much so that he teamed up with fellow rappers Lo Key and Critta to release a special twisted track for the spooky holiday. The song was produced by Illajit who also happens to be a part of Bass Head Music. The production here is becoming. It contains a menacing tone and a variety of chilling sound effects dispersed throughout. The hook is hot. The delivery is magnetic with attention grabbing lyrics.

The verses are prime. Lo Key is first up to bring the terror, J.D. continues the fright fest, and Critta rounds out the madness. The trio supply dark flows, creepy wordplay, and gruesome yet fresh rhymes. They do a very convincing job of embracing the haunting aspect of All Hallows’ Eve. Noteworthy lines from J.D. include: “Me in a mask showing no remorse. J.D. The Ripper got a thing for killing teen whores. Record everything I do. While I feed more drugs in my victim til’ all that’s left is an od’d corpse. Reports describing a scene of illicit dreams from that Nightmare On Elm Street movie but this is me.” Some devious words being spit by J.D. in those bars right there. In the end, this track is a banger and perfect for any Halloween event.

**My Two Cents: Always looking for a good Horror style track to post around this time of year. And this was spot on. Props to Bass Head Music, Lo Key, and Critta for getting creative with their Halloween spirit. I really enjoyed this track and I believe that readers / fans will too. So go ahead and take a listen. Happy Early Halloween! -MinM

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