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Kal’L – “Goodbye”

by Miracle

(Photo By Kal’L)


This week singer/songwriter Kal’L ushered in his new campaign release in an unique manner. A little bit prior to the release he started a choices game on Facebook/Twitter called “Pick Your Poison.” The game is fairly simple. He picks a category and lists two items or people that relate to the chosen topic. Then friends/followers comment or reply with their favorite of the two. It’s a fun way to kill time and it gets everybody interacting with one another. Which was a great contrast for fans since this week’s single is a bit on the melancholy side.

The production here is delectable. It entails an airy  framework, leading piano element, mellifluous pace, and non-chalant vibe. The hook is palatable. The vocals are well-grounded but sound just a little pitchy. Bringing them down a notch would resolve the issue. The lyrics are wistful. The verses are of high grade quality. Kal’L provides plush vocals and fantastic lyrics. He shares the feelings of despair that one experiences when a significant other chooses to walk away from the relationship. He grieves: “My sense of touch is gone. I’m numb to all but you. To see your face again there is nothing I wouldn’t do. Ever since you left me. I have been torn apart. Here I lie in desperate need of you now that you’re gone.” Those words convey very dismal and unhappy circumstances. In the end, this is an opulent offering. Spruce up the vocals in the hook just a tad and everything would be dead on.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a good song. I enjoyed the production and I liked the illustrative aspect of the content. In other news, Kal’L has officially released his Love & Loss EP. Readers can preview and purchase it here. Also, collaboration month is right around the corner. So be on the lookout for that as well. Be sure to visit Kal’L’s website for: past releases, cover videos, performance footage, and more. -MinM

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