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Level Next Music Presents – Making The Mixtape: My Level Is Next Volume 2 (Episode 7)

by Miracle

(Photo By LevelNextMusic.Com)

It’s time for episode lucky number seven in the Making The Mixtape: My Level Is Next Volume 2 web series. This episode is called “On The Road.” It features Taylor Mallory and K.W.O.E. showing off their live performance skills at two very special events. Tune in below.


This episode begins with the Level Next Music team gathering to support Taylor and K.W.O.E. as they head here to Milwaukee. The duo were asked to take part in an event sponsored by the Milwaukee Brewers in honor of the historic Negro League Baseball players. That is pretty cool. The other half of the episode focuses on K.W.O.E. doing his first show ever as a solo artist. He was invited to perform at a back to school themed affair in Chicago sponsored by NBA player Tony Allen. Another positive venture to be associated with. In between watching the fellas prepare for the shows, viewers got insight into some other things as well. Taylor Mallory broke down a sample of his extremely hectic schedule which can include taking part in everything from print ad shoots to weddings. Sometimes all in the same day. Another thing that viewers got to witness was the close knit connection of the Level Next Music team. For example, a member who was not able to hit the road for the event here went out of his way to call with words of encouragement. Another standout example comes via the VP of the camp, Ajonra. Not only is she there to handle business for the artists but she even hops on stage and gets it in with them too. That is great to witness. In the end, both shows were a success. The fellas delivered and both seemed to really be proud of the final outcomes.

**My Two Cents: I love the work ethic of the Level Next Music team. They take on multiple roles, they have a hand in all types of business ventures/events, and then of course we know they are working on the mixtape too. It’s just great to see artists going so hard for their dreams. Also, Taylor and K.W.O.E. appear to really get down on stage. We might have to get them back in Milwaukee for an Illixer event or take the site to Chicago. While that is being worked out, don’t forget to catch the next episode this Thursday. Either check back here or visit the Level Next Music site. -MinM

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