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Krayzie – Still Faded F/ The Weeknd Sample (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Zippy Share)

Cheers To The Weeknd (listen/download)

*WARNING: Not Suitable For Work*

Rapper Krazyie and camera guru Steve White dropped a brand new project earlier this month. It is another take on a track by The Weeknd. This one is a remix of his song “The Ride (Faded Too Long).” The song pretty much retains the original beat. And Krayzie brings an even-keeled flow and substantial rhymes. The video on the other hand takes on a very sexy tone. Behold the visuals below.


This video opens with a parental advisory warning which of course would spark any viewer’s curiosity. Next, things transition to a gorgeous vixen kicking off her night at a hotel with a little treat. She ends up falling back on the hotel bed and things kick into high gear. From here, the concept of the video focuses on the vixen’s trippy sensual rendezvous with another female. The special effects take place via the angles and movement within the piece. The video winds down with the vixen waking up and taking a glance around the room. The piece ends with promotion for Faded Clothing Company and Krayzie’s Cheers To The Weeknd album. Cheers To The Weeknd is currently available and can be listened to and or downloaded via the provided link.

**My Two Cents: So this video is obviously geared more towards the fellas. However, I think it was done in a tasteful enough manner where the ladies can appreciate it too. And the track itself is pretty proper. Overall, I think Steve White and Krayzie delivered another great flick. On another note, Faded Clothing Co. is where all of The Weeknd themed clothing comes from that the duo rocks in the videos and around the city. Readers should hit up that link. They have some dope products. -MinM

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