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New Music From: L.J. Of Cold Redd Entertainment

by Miracle

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“OC” (listen/download)

“Going In” (listen/download)

Cold Redd Entertainment is a local record label here in Milwaukee. The company is ran by an individual named Sun Redd. It is home to a nice collection of artists, one of which has been making a little buzz around the city lately. Said artist goes by the moniker L.J. and Redd was kind enough to share two of his singles with the site.

The first single is titled, “OC.” The production here is excellent. It entails a hard knock, striking background elements, and a hood vibe. The hook is likeable too. The delivery is charged up and the lyrics are contagious. The verses are proficient. L.J.comes with a high energy flow, strong wordplay, and serious rhymes. He conveys the message loud and clear that his moment in the game is now and he plans to take full advantage of it. Some lines worth mentioning are: “Bad b–ches everywhere I look. Bust it down for the whole team. Everyday I go hard. So hard my back hurt. N—as acting fugazy. I expose y’all like a short skirt. Everybody gone get a turn. But right now n—a mine’s first. I’ll holla back when I get done. But right now it’s time to work.” Those lines have a very street savvy tone to them. Overall, this song is a banger.

The second single that was shared with the site is dubbed “Going In.” The production here is choice. It contains a low heavy bass, middling rhythm, and a strict vibe. The hook is only used at the very beginning of the track. Otherwise, L.J. impressively just spits right through from start to finish. He has a consistent flow, inventive wordplay, and fine rhymes. He brandishes his talent in a gutter fashion for the listener. A few lines worth observing are: “You n—as thinking bout trying to play me and I’m a get ya. Go in the trunk and pull out the bell. Time to dismiss ’em. You might as well turn to ya kids, hug ’em and kiss ’em. And tell ’em that you’ll always love ’em. And you will miss ’em. It ain’t a game where I’m from. Talk s–t and make the f–king front page where I’m from. The police pull you over everyday where I’m from.” L.J. went pretty hard in those lines right there. All in all, this song is another hit.

**My Two Cents: Both of these tracks have my approval. L.J. has an extra dope yet seriously gangsta style. His flow is on point and he is nice with the word game too. Cold Redd Entertainment has quite the spitter on their hands with this cat. Readers who like a little edge in their Hip-Hop should for sure give the two singles a listen. -MinM

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