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Streetz -N- Young Deuces – “Just Like That” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Young Deuces)

 Milwaukee duo Streetz -N- Young Deuces have released yet another single and video from their current mixtape Next Day Air. This time around they chose a track named “Just Like That.” The track was produced by Aja Productions and is of a soulful mid-tempo style. The video suits the song well. Check it out below.


The video features the now popular scene within a scene format. The top and bottom frame for this piece contains live footage of the duo performing outdoors. The core of the video is pretty simple. It presents the fellas kicking it in a residential area and jamming out. The primary shots take place in front of graffiti covered walls. The colors used in this piece are very warm. Coincidentally, the video ends with a brief shot of the sun in the sky. And there is a quick full shot of the performance footage as well. Overall, this was a proper video.

**My Two Cents: This was a cool and straightforward video. It wasn’t too complex yet it still captured the essence of the song well. Also, I love the energy that the duo brought to the piece. They put on a good show. For more with the popular Mil-town twosome, hit up their website. -MinM

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