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Moomdaddy – My Anti Drug (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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My Anti Drug (listen/download)

Moomdaddy is a rapper on the come up from the city of Boston. He was put on to music via his father who was heavily into the art form in the 80’s and 90’s. His mainstream influences include everyone from the legendary KRS-One to the infamous Bad Boy Records family. Part of his goal became to connect with those who inspired him at some point in his career. He eventually progressed from that way of thinking. Instead he decided he just wanted to make fresh tunes that were pleasing to the ear and represent his hometown well. So far in his career he has: released several tracks, dropped his debut mixtape, began work on his second tape, and formed a crew called the Reel Lyfe Society. Being described as an artist whose music is on the rise, Moomdaddy is still pushing his debut offering while fans await his next move. My Anti Drug is a 21 track project with a variety of features and a myriad of sounds. Check out the real deal on a few tracks after the jump.

“So Smooth”

The production here is sharp. It contains a catchy rhythm with a medium pace and gives off a wily vibe. There is no hook present on this track. The one ongoing verse is fresh. Moomdaddy comes with a very charismatic flow, witty wordplay, and first rate rhymes. He does a colorful job of dropping knowledge as it relates to dealing with certain types of females. Interesting lines include: “The only wave that I’m riding is a sound wave. For gold diggers money talks and I sound paid. For that reason I don’t speak in that direction. And that’s probably why I keep to my collection. You peeping my connection. I see you n—as sneaking my selection. So I’m a have to put you on blast for a little like the PA. We leaving out of class for dismissal.” Pretty slick rhyming going on right there. Overall, this song is a smash and a favorite off of the tape.


The production here is decent. It is comprised of low-lying ingredients and a chill vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is hushed as well and as a result is a bit hard to hear. The lyrics are fine but also have some audible issues. So turning up the vocals just a tad would improve the hook a lot. The verses are solid. Moomdaddy exhibits a standard flow, modest wordplay, and fitting rhymes. He sports his skills for the listener while taking on a streetwise tone. In the end, this is a sufficient offering. Some parts could have been stronger but it’s still worth a listen or two.

“Talking Bout”

The production here is hot. It features a level bass, heavy secondary elements, and an intense vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is entertaining and the lyrics are simple yet they leave an impression. The verses are great. Moomdaddy provides an accelerated flow and well crafted rhymes. He clearly puts forth the message that he thinks quite highly of himself despite what anybody else has to say. Noteworthy lines include: “Who he think he talking bout? Homie better fix his lip. For my n—as meet him and they beat him like a instrument. Foot in his face and he feel every inch of it. But he don’t want no beef. Man he looking like a chicken strip. Flick a flick. Fire gang shining like we flipped a switch. N—a take a shovel. You can dig it or just dig a ditch.” Serious and ill expression going on in those lines. All in all, this song is another success and favorite off of the tape.

**My Two Cents: My Anti Drug as a whole is a reasonable project. Moomdaddy has a dope flow and his lyrical game is pretty legit. He needs to tighten his hooks up a little and he could be just a touch more clever with his wording. Otherwise, he did a nice job for this to be his debut. The guest appearances and the production were tastefully selected as well. I’d say readers should go ahead visit Dat Piff and give My Anti Drug a listen. And for more with Moomdaddy, hit up his website. -MinM

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