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Klassik – YRP [Young Rising Phenoms] (Album Review)

by Miracle

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“What Do I Know” (previous review)

YRP [Young Rising Phenoms] (preview/purchase)

The ever so gifted Klassik hit supporters with his highly craved album YRP [Young Rising Phenoms] last month. He ushered it in via a praiseworthy release party complete with a band and the works. The LP seems to be a smash hit amongst listeners, the lead single “Boogie” (see video below) being a consistent favorite. So The Illixer decided to give the project a spin and find out what all of the hoopla is about. See the results of the listening session below.


The production here is eclectic. The level foundation, peculiar musical components, offbeat rhythm, and perplexed vibe work effectively together. The hook is quality. Klassik brings his melodic skills to the table with frank heartfelt lyrics. The verses are first-rate. Klassik utilizes an assertive flow, cerebral wordplay, and top of the line rhymes. He vents his frustrations with certain aspects of his journey in the music game, one of the most pressing issues being trying to patiently await his big break. A predicament that a lot of up-and-coming talents probably find themselves in. A couple of lines worth remembering are: “Searching for Nirvana through American teen spirit smoke. Back when recognition’s what I needed most. I’m losing beat battles to mothaf—as who couldn’t read a note. So I don’t need a bunch of navigated saturated waters. 9 to 5 got us crazy. Middle fingers to the bosses. (…) Excuse me if I don’t take well to orders or instructions. Excuse me if I’m hard to reach, I find ’em hard to f–k with. I killed the beat maker three years ago. Quit with all the fronting. Trying to make sure my daddy ain’t die for nothing.” Those bars show off a more edgier version of Klassik than usual. But he owns it well. Overall, this is a five star record and the site favorite.


The production here is boss. The abstract infrastructure, savvy diverse elements, median tempo, and slightly Rock vibe result in a pristine mix. The hook is A1 too. The delivery is spirited and the lyrics are candid. The verses are sleek. Klassik dishes out an one of a kind flow, intricate wordplay, and self-assured rhymes. He lets it be known that the top spot in the music game belongs to him and he’s taking it on his own terms. Labels, conformity, boxes, genres, etc; be damned. Take it in as he spits: “Trials and tribulations in my path til I’m not scared of what the future holds. No cruise control. And you should know, I’m soon to blow. Got a real short fuse. On a half-court press with a full-court view. This is sex inside yo mind. Better wrap it up when you use yo tool. Or you could lose yourself in choosing wealth over your sanity. Now a days I’m jaded, losing faith in all humanity.” That is some serious expression right there, Klassik snapped. As a whole, this track makes an immaculate addition to the elite artist’s champion catalog.

**My Two Cents: So these were just two of my favorite songs off of the YRP [Young Rising Phenoms] album. Readers can also check out the previous review of “What Do I Know” at the beginning of the post and the single “Light” deserves an honorable mention as well. I liked this LP a lot. It exposed a more intense side of Klassik while at the same time incorporating the various signature fundamentals that fans have come to know and love. The production was expertly done as always, the guest appearances were valuable, and the content was bar none. It was worth the wait and deserving of all of the accolades. A must listen for sure. So go ahead and click that link. -MinM

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